'Pokémon Masters' Possible Release Date Revealed Battle Features Explained

The latest Pokémon mobile game, Pokémon Masters, is available now to pre-register for both Android and iOS. The highly anticipated mobile game also has a tentative release date.

According to Serebii, Pokémon Masters is scheduled for an August 31 release. DeNA and The Pokémon Company have set the release for a Summer 2019 window, but it seems that date is currently the target.

You can pre-register for iOS, here. Or pre-register for Android, here.

Alongside the pre-registration announcement, the official Pokémon Masters YouTube was opened containing six new videos explaining the mechanics of the upcoming mobile game.

There's an overview video, and various instructional clips explaining the many mechanics and features of Pokémon Masters. Check out the overview trailer below.

pokemon masters release date pikachu
The Pokemon Company

Some of the other trailers revealed major details about Pokémon Masters. Here's a rundown of what was learned from them.

Your team of three share the same Move Gauge. This meter builds up over time, but it can be used to perform attacks.

Trainers also have their own moves. Each trainer in Pokémon Masters has a special move that can help in battle, whether it's healing or powering up a certain Pokémon's stat. There's a limit to how often a Trainer Move is used in battle, so be sure to keep that in mind.

Sync Moves are the powerful attacks that a Sync Pair can use. After your team performs a certain number of actions, a Sync Move will be ready to launch.

A feature that was revealed in another trailer, players can either play Pokémon Masters solo or team-up with a friend. If you're in a single-player battle, you control all three Sync Pairs.

When playing co-op, you control only one Sync Pair. However, you can switch out your active Sync Pair for another that's on standby.

Each Sync Pair has special abilities, weaknesses and strengths so you can customize your team for any situation. One example is Brock and Onix are weak to Grass-type attacks.

Speaking of Sync Pairs, each pair specializes in one or two move types. However, they can learn up to four. Your trainer and Pikachu specialize in Electric-type moves, while Erika and her Vileplume specialize in Grass-type attacks.

There are three battle roles that each Sync Pair specializes in. These roles are Strike, Support or Tech. Strike specializes in attacking moves, Support usually have high HP and specialize in buffing allies. Tech specialize in inflicting status conditions and debuffing opponents.

You earn experience for your team by winning battles. Gain enough experience to level up, which increases that Sync Pair's stats. There are level caps in Pokémon Masters (the trailer shows level 30 to be the cap) but items can increase the cap. Pokémon that reach a certain level will unlock their evolution. Certain evolutions will teach that Pokémon a brand new Sync Move.

Training Machines are items that can teach new moves.

Progressing through the Pokémon Masters story will unlock passive abilities. These activate automatically in battle and have various effects.

If you "Scout" or earn a Sync Pair you already have, it will increase the power/level of that pair's Sync Move. Star Power Ups are items that can be used to increase the potential of Sync Pairs. This means it can increase the stats of Sync Pairs beyond what leveling up can do. Each Sync Pair starts at a one star level, but using this item will push them further up to five stars.

What do you think of the new features and battle mechanics revealed for Pokémon Masters? Let us know in the comments section below.