New 'Pokémon Rumble' Game and Possible Switch Information Found in Trademark Filing

Two new Pokémon-related trademarks discovered in Japan may tease upcoming projects for the Nintendo Switch. It's no secret Game Freak and The Pokémon Company are bringing the next main Pokémon title to the Nintendo Switch, but one peculiar trademark may suggest a potential crossover between the anime and the games.

According to the site Japanese Nintendo, Nintendo, Creatures and Game Freak applied for a three-dimensional trademark for Ash Ketchum's baseball cap and logo. Ash Ketchum is from the Pokémon anime and has not been a part of any of the main series games. Although Pokémon Yellow Version was based off of the anime, it wasn't technically Ash.

Whether Game Freak plans to use Ash's cap in the game is unclear, but it has appeared in the Ash-Hat Pikachus distributed for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon in 2017. This new trademark could mean Game Freak is using it as an Easter Egg for the upcoming game. Or it could mean something more.

Rumors suggest the Pokémon Nintendo Switch game is a reboot of the series, with a return to Kanto. Talk of this has flooded the internet for a while, but with E3 2018 around the corner fans will likely receive a confirmation on whether or not the talk is more than rumors.

The second Pokémon trademark discovered in Japan has to do with a possible next installment of the Pokémon Rumble series.

According to Serebii and Japanese Nintendo, the name Poksucu (pertaining to video games) was registered. This word is commonly used in Japan to refer to Pokémon Scramble, the Japanese title for the Pokémon Rumble series. There have been four Pokémon Rumble games released across the Nintendo Wii, 3DS and Wii U, with the last title being Pokémon Rumble World in 2015.

Could this mean the Pokémon Rumble series is coming to the Nintendo Switch? It's a possibility, but the mobile game PokéLand is set to release soon and will have the same mechanics as the Rumble series. The new trademark doesn't seem to be tied to the PokéLand mobile game but we will update if new information is revealed.

So what do you think of the latest Pokémon trademarks? Do you think Ash is coming to the Nintendo Switch Pokémon game? How about a new Pokémon Rumble game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.