'Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon' Heatran, Regigigas Distribution: How to Download

The 2018 Legendary Pokémon distribution continues in March, giving Gen 7 trainers a chance to obtain Heatran and/or Regigigas, two powerful Pokémon from the Sinnoh Region.

Similar to the February distribution of Palkia and Dialga, the version of your game determines which of the two Legendary Pokémon you can obtain. It also determines the Pokémon's level and the item it holds when it is brought over.

Trainers who own Ultra Sun or Sun can only obtain Regigigas. If you transfer the Legendary Pokémon to Ultra Sun, it'll be at Level 100 and holding a Gold Bottle Cap. Trainers looking for Heatran will have to transfer it to either Ultra Moon or Moon, with Ultra Moon getting their Fire and Steel-type Pokémon at Level 100 and holding a Gold Bottle Cap.

From March 1 to March 24, trainers will have a chance to download Heatran or Regigigas.


Pokémon trainers in Europe and Australia can obtain Heatran or Regigigas simply by connecting to the internet and selecting "Mystery Gift" and then "Receive Via Internet" to get the Legendary Pokémon to your Gen 7 game.

Players in the U.S. will need a code from the Pokémon Trainer Club Newsletter. Those who signed up before March 1 are eligible to receive the newsletter, which contains the code to obtain either Heatran or Regigigas.

To get your Legendary Pokémon through the Newsletter, go to the "Mystery Gift" feature and select "Receive via Code." Input the code given in the Pokémon Trainer Club Newsletter to download the Gen 4 Legendary.

Regigigas will come the moves Crush Grip, Drain Punch, Zen Headbutt and Heavy Slam. Heatran will have the attacks Magma Storm, Heat Wave, Earth Power and Flash Cannon. Their natures are random, so trainers can soft reset for the nature they want when speaking with the man in the orange and blue shirt at any Pokémon Center.

The Pokémon Company will be distributing two Legendaries each month through most of 2018. Here is the confirmed schedule of distributions including which Legendary Pokémon are being distributed.

April - Raikou and Entei

May- Xerneas & Yveltal

June - Shiny Zygarde

July - Tornadus & Thundurus

August - Kyogre & Groudon

September Latios & Latias

October - Reshiram & Zekrom

November - Ho-Oh & Lugia

Which Legendary Pokémon did you choose? Do you like Regigigas or Heatran better in battle? Sound off in the comments section below.