'Pokémon Sleep' Gameplay: Snorlax Isn't The Only Pokémon We're Expecting

On Tuesday night, the Pokémon Company finally broke their silence on what they've been working on over the past few months. There's a Detective Pikachu Nintendo switch port, a Plus + device for Pokémon Go and the incredibly odd Pokémon Sleep. From Select Button, the company that brought us the mindless but highly addictive clicker Magikarp Jump, this new app will track your sleep with your favorite pocket monsters. The stream revealed very little information about the game, only alluding to the fact that it will work with Pokémon GO and the new Plus + attachment.

There are a lot of Pokémon that rely heavily on stealing or catching sleep, giving us plenty of ideas of which ones we should expect in the new game. Here are just some of the sleepiest pocket monsters from the bunch and what they could do when Pokémon Sleep releases.

Drowzee- The original dream eater, this golden bipedal tapir has no problems putting you out cold with just a wave of their hands. According to the Silver Pokedex entry, Drozee prefers eating the dreams of children over adults because they are "tastier."

Hypno- Like a low-budget hypnotist, Hypno comes to the party ready to knock you out with just a swing of the pendulum. Locking eyes with a Hypno will cause it to focus its attention on you to cause you to fall asleep so it can have a taste of your delicious dreams. Imagine a soothing Hypno repeating its name over and over while lulling you into a deep slumber. That's either very relaxing or the most horrifying idea ever.

Snorlax- No Pokémon is better at sleeping than Snorlax. Whether it's in the middle of the road or the heat of a battle, the tubby ball of lard can pass out anywhere. Listen to the soothing rhythms of a Snorlax snore and count the hours until you have to go to work in the morning. Just make sure not to have a Pokéflute lying around because then nobody gets to go sleep.

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Three little Pokemon jumping on the bed, one fell off and... Newsweek

Gengar- If Pokémon Sleep is going to be a game, it's going to need some bad guys. Gengar is a mischievous little brat that according to the Pokédex likes to hide in the shadows, steals the life of its targets and steals the heat from the air around you. Having to slay one of these ghost devils and having it transfer to Pokémon Go with Dream Eater as an ability would feel fairly rewarding. Especially for a game where the main reward is just supposed to be sleep.

Darkrai- The ultimate dream eater, this legendary piece of nightmare fuel would make for an ultimate boss. Literally defeat your demons so you can get to sleep: the ultimate Pokémon challenge.

Munna- Spending all your time waking up in the middle of the night? Sleep could give you a little Munna to help you out, sucking out your bad thoughts while leaving you with the good. Attaching a Plus + device to your pillow won't actually fix your crippling death or loveless relationship, but it might help you balance out your circadian rhythm.

Jigglypuff- If you fall asleep, you get marker drawn on your face. That might technically be the opposite of the purpose of the app but that's why he have DLC.