'Pokémon Sword and Shield' Dracovish is Becoming Popular in Competitive - Best Builds

The first official Pokémon Sword and Shield online tournament is about to begin, and, while many trainers are still trying to figure out what the "meta" of online Pokémon battles will be, there's one Galar Pokémon that is getting a lot of attention.

Fossil Pokémon in Sword and Shield have an interesting gimmick. Instead of a single fossil being revived, two of four different fossils combine together to make a new hybrid Pokémon. One such monster, Dracovish, is starting to lead the pack in terms of pure power.

Dracovish's Water and Dragon-typing make it resistant to many attacks and only weak to two (Dragon and Fairy), but its move pool and ability give it a ton of firepower.

pokemon sword shield dracovish
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Many Pokémon trainers have begun to see Dracovish with the Strong Jaw ability, one of two possible abilities the Pokémon can have. This ability powers up biting moves like Crunch or elemental fang attacks, but the monster's potent signature move, Fishious Rend, falls under the "biting" moves category as well.

Fishious Rend has a base power of 85 and is a Water-type attack, giving Dracovish the same type attack bonus (STAB). Fishious Rend's special effect is that its base power doubles if Dracovish moves before the target, giving it a base power of 170 without taking STAB or its Strong Jaw ability into account.

Putting all of these factors together, Fishious Rend can hit a target with a physical attack with more than 200 base power.

Dracovish has a respectable 90 base attack and 75 speed, which makes it a powerful physical sweeper if trained correctly. Trainers will also want to have an Adamant or Jolly Nature, which boosts attack and speed respectively at the cost of Special Attack.

EV training your Dracovish in Attack and Speed can further maximize the potential in those stats.

Choice Scarf and Choice Band are strongly suggested hold items too. The Choice Scarf increases the Pokémon's Speed in battle but will limit your Dracovish to using just one move. Choice Band does the same but with the Pokémon's Attack.

So, if you want to get a Jolly Natured Dracovish, you can get extra attack by equipping the Choice Band. Or, if you want to have an Adamant Natured Pokémon, you can equip the Choice Scarf to outspeed some opponents. Ideally, you'd want to outspeed the Pokémon to get the most out of Fishious Rend and trainers should spam that attack until all of the opponent's team is gone.

Psychic Fangs and Ice Fang are a couple of good attacks that take advantage of Strong Jaw and give Dracovish more coverage against Grass types that might otherwise tank Fishious Rend.

Just be careful of Water Absorb or Storm Drain Pokémon that will nullify all Water-type attacks useless.

Pokémon Sword and Shield is available now for Nintendo Switch.

What do you think of Dracovish in competitive play? What is your ideal build for this Pokémon? Let us know in the comments section.