What This 'Pokémon Sword and Shield' Screenshot Teaches Us About Obstagoon, Drednaw and More

The latest information on Pokémon Sword and Shield dropped on Day 1 of the 2019 World Championships and revealed new abilities, attacks and more. But there's one screenshot from the official site that has me particularly excited for Gen 8's release.

I'm talking about this image of a rental team of six Pokémon showing several different attacks for new Galar region Pokémon.

pokemon sword shield rental team
The Pokemon Company

In Sword and Shield, trainers can rent teams to battle with online, and the above screenshot has me wondering about these six Pokémon and what their battle capabilities might be.

So here's some speculation and insight as to what these six new Pokémon's battle prowess can be in Sword and Shield.


The main focus of Corviknight is its hidden ability. Mirror Armor is a brand-new ability that debuts in Sword and Shield, and its effect makes it reflect stat drops onto its opponent.

Its moveset in this team includes Power Trip, Hone Claws, Steel Wing and Brave Bird. These moves make it seem that it's an adept physical attacker, and having it hold Leftovers likely means it has considerable bulk. Corviknight looks to be a better version of Skarmory and will likely be seen a lot on online teams.


The pure Fairy-type Pokémon doesn't seem all that impressive. Although it has its own Gigantamax form, base Alcremie looks to be more of a support Pokémon in Sword and Shield.

Its attacks on this rental team are Dazzling Gleam, Draining Kiss, Attract and Sweet Kiss. These moves make it likely that it excels at being a special attacker while having disrupting moves like Attract and Sweet Kiss could make it a pain to deal with.


One of the highlights of the latest trailer is that Galarian Weezin's mystery second ability was revealed to be Neutralizing Gas. It suppresses every other ability on the field, including your teammate's.

Like its Kantonian counterpart, Galarian Weezing will likely remain a bulky support Pokémon. Using moves like Toxic, Will o Wisp and Clear Smog to wear down opponents. What I find fascinating is that this version learns Fairy Wind. This Fairy-type special attack has a base power of only 40. With Weezing now getting the Fairy typing, it can make use of more powerful Fairy-type moves...hopefully.

While Galarian Weezing could learn Dazzling Gleam or Moonblast, it'll be weird to see it use those attacks, I'm hoping that new Fairy-type attacks are introduced for it to use.

As for its base stats, Kanto Weezing has nearly equal attack and special attack - with attack being five points stronger - I can see Galarian Weezing get a buff in the special attack department.


Drednaw is one of the coolest new Pokémon in Sword and Shield, and the Water and Rock-type is shown to have some pretty hard-hitting moves.

The rental Drednaw has the attacks: Liquidation, Head Smash, Crunch and Body Slam. While Crunch isn't surprising considering Drednaw's Strong Jaws ability - it'll like get access to Bite at a lower level - being able to learn Head Smash is.

Less than 15 Pokémon can learn Head Smash through level up, so this powerful Rock-type attack is highly-coveted even with its drawbacks. The 150 base power is usually offset with a less than ideal 80 percent accuracy and massive recoil damage that it inflicts on the Pokémon using it.

However, if Drednaw's secondary or, more likely, hidden ability is Rock Head then this Pokémon might see a ton of play online. Considering its abilities and moves, fans can expect Drednaw to have a high attack stat.


The Dragon and Steel-type Pokémon is looking to be a very powerful 'mon in the Galar region. Its attacks on this rental team include, Steel Beam, Draco Meteor, Hyper Beam and Metal Burst.

Just the choice in moves makes me believe that Duraludon will lean more into its special attacks than physical, which is great for counteracting its Galar region rival, Tyranitar. Steel Beam is likely that brand-new move whose name was chosen by a Japanese fan, and it's looking more and more likely that Duraludon could be this region's Pseudo Legendary.


The evolution of Galarian Linoone put the Pokémon community on notice. Older Pokémon can get not just a new Galarian form but also an evolution.

Just looking at Obstagoon, trainers should be prepared for a hard-hitting physical attacker but what else can we learn from this rental team? Its attacks are Double Edge, Night Slash, Taunt and the new move Obstruct - which we still don't know what it does.

Its abilities are Reckless and Guts, so this particular Obstagoon is all about dealing as much damage as possible in a short amount of time, especially with it holding a Life Orb. Hoenn Linoone only has Double Edge as an attack that deals recoil damage, so taking advantage of Reckless is pretty limited at the moment.

Of course, Obstagoon may be able to learn a move like Wild Charge via Technical Machine (TM) in Sword and Shield but we'll have to wait and see. It's also great to see that it learns Dark-type attacks now like Night Slash. We can probably expect more attacks like Crunch and Bite as level-up moves.

As for its base stats, its attack stat will likely grow dramatically while I can see its speed stat dropping it lower than Linoone's as it prefers to sit back and wait to be attacked. We might also see a big increase in its HP stat when it evolves.

Pokémon Sword and Shield will release November 15 for Nintendo Switch.

What do you think of these six Pokémon and their battle prowess? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.