Twitch Streamer Pokimane Responds To Pewdiepie 'Copystrike' Controversy

Twitch streamers make their living by spending as much time in front of the camera as they possibly can to collect the donations and subscriptions that keeps them going. Imane "Pokimane" Anys is one of the most popular streamers on the platform, with a rabid fan base that loves to watch her play League of Legends, do her make-up or watch videos. She's recently come under fire from some other content creators on the web, most notably PewDiePie, for copyright claims on her YouTube videos.

In one of Pewd's most recent videos, the controversial content creator called out Pokimane for striking compilation videos of her content. Other creators, like Memeology 101 and Fainted, joined in the fray and attempted to point out what they felt was hypocritical. On Twitch, Poki watches other YouTubers videos, adding her opinion when she feels that it's needed. In some clips she has the videos running on her stream without saying a word, she'll even eat a salad or moving out of camera view altogether.

In a video released on Sunday, Pokimane shared her side of the story. In early November, Pokimane and rumor monger Daniel "Keemstar" Keem got into a Twitter feud. YouTuber BowBlax collected their conversation and posted it as a video on his channel. At the time, Pokimane thought the content didn't "add anything to the conversation" and had the video taken down.

"The reupload of the Twitter beef, wasn't transformative content, so I was able to get it taken down through my MCN," Pokimane said in her video. "But, PewDie was in the right - trying to hide all that drama, only ended up bringing more attention to it."

Pokimane also discusses the "Dark Side of Pokimane" video Fainted created, showing clips of her talking to a fan who had made compilation videos of her. She explains that the videos were just a "reupload of my stream" with "gross and misleading titles" that she feels were within her "right to take down." She does admit that having that conversation on stream might not have been the best decision.

Online, fans of Pokimane have been supportive of her video, believing she properly explained herself. Others believe she didn't talk about all the issues and skipped over examples of her watching content without adding anything to the conversation. No matter what Pokimane does, it seems she'll still find those online that just want to cause her grief.