Watch This Pole-Dancing Bird Show Off Its Wild Skills

After riding a scooter, dunking a ball through a miniature basketball and tucking some money away in a coin slot, a pet lovebird (or possibly parakeet) wraps up a tiring twenty seconds of manual labor with an impressive pole dance.

In the video, posted to Reddit Tuesday, the blue and white lovebird performs a series of tricks and chores in rapid succession. While the origin of the video isn't apparent from the video itself, its poster, a redditor with the screenname AfterResearcher, commonly shares videos popular in China, suggesting a likely origin for the video.

Using an Angry Birds miniature scooter, the talented miniature parrot zipped toward a series of escalating challenges, which included dunking a ball through a bird-sized basketball hoop and setting aside some money for a rainy day.

The bird also places a hoop on a Tower of Hanoi—a puzzle involving three rods and disc hoops. Invented by a French mathematician in the 1880s (and sometimes called a Lucas' Tower after him), the Tower of Hanoi has become a common puzzle in video games and a useful measure of problem solving ability. In the 2011 movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes, a Lucas Tower is used to demonstrate the cognitive growth among the apes subjected to the experimental drug ALZ-112. While our multi-talented bird friend didn't "solve" the Tower of Hanoi, or demonstrate any awareness of the rules of the puzzle, it would be prudent to keep an eye out for a "birds supplant all of human society" scenario, just in case.

A lovebird parrot in Bangkok, Thailand. LILLIAN SUWANRUMPHA/AFP via Getty Images

After flexing its lack of puzzle-solving skills, the lovebird tackled something a little more physical, hopping on a metal pole and clutching it with one foot to show off some advanced twirling.

The well-trained bird capped their performance by bringing out what seems like one of their favorite toys: a bright red motorcycle. But before they had the chance to ride off into the sunset, the lovebird first had a little cleaning to do, picking up some crumpled paper "litter" and throwing it away properly in a trash can. The blue and white miniature parrot ended it performance by hopping up on to its trainers finger.

Though less than a minute long, the lovebird got more done in those seconds than most of us do on a productive day, impressing many of the commenters.

"This bird is smarter than a large group of people walking the Earth right now," one wrote in response.