Police Arrest Man For Attacking Comedian Steve Brown Onstage After Shocking Viral Video

Police in South Carolina arrested a man on Wednesday who they alleged attacked comedian Steve Brown onstage over the weekend, reported local newspaper The State. Marvin Toatley was charged with third-degree assault and battery, three counts of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature as well as malicious injury to property.

The Sunday attack at the Comedy House in Columbia, South Carolina, was captured on camera and went viral, shocking viewers. In a video of the incident posted by TMZ, a man charged the stage and Brown. The man violently swings what looks like a microphone stand and stool at the star. Some people in the crowd can be heard in the video saying it looked like the man was trying to kill the comic. In the video, Brown can be seen in a fighting stance trying to defend himself against the man before eventually the man is blocked from the stage. 

According to The State, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said Toatley "lost his control." Lott suggested the man attacked after Brown poked fun at him. 

"Toatley took great offense to the comedian's show and his comments and challenged the comedian to a fight and jumped onstage," Lott said in a video of a news conference. Lott added Toatley became violent with security guards and injured two patrons when throwing the microphone stand. 

An audience member told The State she recalled the fight starting with Brown asking the man why "did he come to a comedy show, if he wasn’t going to laugh?" 

On Monday, Brown told TMZ the man appeared to be laughing before he came after him. Brown since joked in an Instagram post that his "I need security tour" would soon be coming to a city near you.