White Woman Called Police on Black Father Yelling Instructions to Son During Soccer Game

A white woman called the police on a black father for allegedly yelling instructions at his son during a youth soccer game.

The incident, which was posted on Facebook by Ginger Galore Williams, happened Sunday in Ponte Vedra, Florida. Williams wrote that the black man in the photo was only trying to cheer on his son at the soccer game on the sidelines. The man, who remains unidentified, allegedly yelled "the ref is right!" when a white field marshall, who Williams calls "Golfcart Gail" because she was driving a golf cart, approached the parent and said, "that harassment would not be tolerated." Williams claims the man was just speaking to his son.

"For whatever reason, Golfcart Gail just would not let this go. She continued to harass and beleaguer this parent. The gentleman offered to leave in order to avoid a situation. As he began to pack up his things Golfcart Gail informed him that she was calling the police because she no longer felt safe with his threatening behavior," Williams wrote on Facebook. "This man was peacefully leaving his own son's soccer game to avoid exactly this situation."

In the video obtained by ABC News, the man can be overheard explaining to the deputy from the St. Johns County Sheriff's office that he believed the referee made a bad call about his son.

"They had a bad call with my son and ... I said, 'Hey, the ref was right.' She thought I was yelling at the ref. So, she came over and I was like, 'No ma'am, I was yelling at my son. Nobody else,'" the father is heard telling deputies who responded to the scene," the man said in the video.

He continued to tell the officer that the field marshal called 911 despite him offering to leave the game to avoid any more trouble. The field marshal can be heard telling deputies in the video she called the police because the father "got nasty with me."

St. Johns County spokesperson Chuck Mulligan confirmed to Newsweek that two deputies were called to the soccer field in Ponte Vedra for a disturbance call. Mulligan said the field marshal, who is a teacher, called 911 and told officers the black parent's behavior was out of line. Mulligan told Newsweek that he did not witness any bad behavior and that no crime was committed.

In her Facebook post, Williams claimed a parent was ejected from the game during the third period prior to the incident. There was a delay to the game due to the parent's outburst, but the police were not called in that instance.

"Why weren't the police called? What was the difference? I'll give you a guess. Shame on you Golfcart Gail for what you did to this man and to the children who had to see this. Can you imagine how afraid his child must have been to see this happening?!," Williams wrote.

A similar incident occurred in early October when a white woman called the police on a black man babysitting two white children. Corey Lewis told Newsweek he was babysitting two white children on October 7 and took them to a Walmart in Marietta, Georgia, when a white woman followed the three in her car and called the police on Lewis.

The official ball Telstar 18 is presented during the 2018 FIFA World Cup football tournament final draw at the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow on December 1, 2017. A white woman at a youth soccer game in Ponte Vedra, Florida, called the police on a black father for yelling instructions at his son during the game. ALEXANDER NEMENOV/AFP/Getty Images
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