'Police Go Around Killing People': Darnella Frazier Decries Uncle Leneal's Death

Darnella Frazier, the teenager who captured the killing of George Floyd on her cell phone, revealed on Tuesday night that her uncle had died in a collision with a police vehicle.

Leneal Frazier's car was hit by a Minneapolis police squad car, which was chasing another vehicle believed to be involved in multiple robberies. Frazier was not involved in the chase.

Darnella Frazier won an honorary Pulitzer Prize for recording Floyd's death. Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted on three counts arising from Floyd's death earlier this year and sentenced to 22 years in prison.

Frazier, who is now 18 years old, posted about her uncle's death on Facebook late on Tuesday, following reports about the death that had not identified the victim.

"I honestly can't believe I'm making this post right now...I'm so hurt...nothing feels real. I woke up to the most horrible news," Frazier wrote.

"MINNEAPOLIS police Killed my uncle," she said. "MY uncle... Another black man lost his life in the hands of the police! I asked my mom several times 'he died??'. I couldn't accept what I was hearing and still can't . Some things just take time to process. I'm still in shock and it haven't fully hit me yet, I broke down in tears."

"I was hoping it was a dream...but it's not and this is reality. Minneapolis police has cost my whole family a big loss...today has been a day full of heartbreak and sadness," she went on.

"We went to the spot he was killed at and put beautiful flowers and candles, but even thats not enough to bring him back. It's not fair how the police can just go around killing people...WHY ARE YOU DOING A HIGH SPEED CHASE ON A RESIDENTIAL RODE??? you took an innocent life trying to catch someone else... I don't know how to feel... I was just with you at the beach ....if I would've known that would be my last time seeing you, I would've hugged you so much longer, told you I love you way harder...."

"I love you so much.... please pray for my family," Frazier said. "His name is Leneal Lamont Frazier. Uncle I love you it's just hard for me to accept I won't see you again."

She also shared a GoFundMe page set up in order to raise funds for Leneal Frazier's sister, Cheryl Frazier. The page was set up by Lisa Clemons, founder and director of A Mothers Love Initiative, a group focused on domestic and gun violence. Clemons wrote on Facebook that her group had been asked to help organize a fundraiser.

"Leneal was a family oriented person with a good heart, the biggest heart a person could ever have," the page says.

"He would help anyone, anytime no matter the circumstances. He was the father of 6 children and 1 grandchild. He was the oldest of 5 siblings, so of course he was their protector. He loved his family and friends. He loves to cook and bbq, and to just spend as much time with his family as possible. He was one of the sweetest people you will ever meet."

Newsweek has asked the Minneapolis Police Department and A Mothers Love Initiative for comment.

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