Video: Police Search for Man Who Punched Two Women At Los Angeles Food Truck

The Los Angeles Police Department is searching for a suspect who they say assaulted two women at a hotdog stand.

The incident occurred on Saturday in downtown Los Angeles. They claimed the suspect "brutally punched" two women during the attack, according to the LAPD. In the video of the attack, posted by the LAPD on Twitter, it shows a man shoving one woman wearing a white sweatshirt to the ground and then proceeds to punch a second woman. The woman in the sweatshirt gets up from the ground and is punched again before the man flees from the scene. It is unclear what prompted the attack.

A bystander who was standing just a few feet from the women caught the assault on video and shared with the women, the Los Angeles Times reported. The man also shared the video with the women, according to the publication. The video has already been viewed more than one million times on Twitter.

"Attention Los Angeles — this guy brutally punched two women at a hotdog stand on Jan. 26 in the area of 6th & Spring. Someone knows him, and we would like to be one of those people," the LAPD tweeted on Tuesday night.

Police told KABC the incident started after the suspect was fighting with the hot dog vendor before he began to throw punches at the women.

"There was a man that was arguing with the vendor. At that point, one of the women said, 'Hey, order your hot dog so we can get our food,'" Los Angeles police Det. Meghan Aguilar, assistant officer-in-charge of media relations, told KABC. "The man immediately turned, punched that woman in the face. That punch caused the woman to lose consciousness and she fell to the ground. At that point, her friend did try to intervene and she was punched multiple times by the suspect."

Aguilar told the LA Times that the women were taken to the hospital following the attack. The two women suffered concussions and one of the women suffered a broken finger, according to the publication. She told the publication the women reported the attack the next day.

The LAPD detective told the LA Times that the attack is being investigated as an assault with a deadly weapon. She claimed that none of the bystanders contacted the police following the attack.

"If people don't call," Aguilar told the publication, "the police can't do anything."

Anyone with information about the assault is urged to call Detective Gonzalez at 213-996-1851 or 213-486-6606 during after hours.

Los Angeles Police Department officers patrol in squad car the parking lot of Dodger Stadium on April 10, 2012, in Los Angeles, California. The LAPD are searching for a man who they say assaulted two women nearby a hot dog stand in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
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