Police Name White Officer Who Fatally Shot Black Neighbour After She Mistook His Apartment For Her Own

Police have released the name of a white Dallas officer who shot dead her black neighbor last week after she accidentally entered his apartment believing it was her own.

Footage of the incident on Thursday—posted to Instagram by a neighbor—shows a white female officer screaming "Oh God!" down her phone while pacing the walkway of her apartment block in south Dallas.

Soon after, Botham Jean, a 26-year-old PwC accountant, was wheeled out on a gurney with four officers walking behind. The responding officers sought to treat Jean before taking him to hospital, where he later died, reported the Dallas Morning News.

On Saturday, Amber Guyger, 30, was named as the officer who shot Jean. Guyger had reportedly been working at the Dallas Police Department for almost five years. Although no warrant has been issued, she is expected to be charged with manslaughter.

"She is devastated," a Dallas officer close to Guyger said, reported The Dallas Morning News, "she is so, so sorry for his family."

The officer explained that although Guyger moved to the South Side Flats complex a month ago, she was yet to properly met her neighbor Jean.

Police revealed that Guyger called dispatch and reported the shooting shortly after returning home from a shift while still wearing her uniform. She later confessed that she walked into Jean's apartment believing it was her own.

It is unclear whether Jean's apartment was locked at the time, however, residents explained that they could access their flats with both a keycode or the key itself.

The Texas Rangers, who are currently investigating Guyger, have asked for her charges to be suspended pending their examination of emerging information.

In 2017, Guyger shot a suspect, 47-year-old Uvaldo Perez, after he stole her Taser gun. The bullet wounded him in the abdomen and Guyger was not indicted. Perez was later sentenced to two years in prison over drug charges.

Police Chief Renee Hall confirmed that Guyger was tested for both drugs and alcohol but did not release the results. "Right now, there are more questions than we have answers," she said at a news conference, before adding that the department has offered their condolences to Jean's family.

In an interview on Friday, Allison Jean, the victim's mother, suggested that her son would still be alive if he weren't black. "I didn't know she was white until now," Allison Jean told KXAS. "If it was a white man would it have been different? Would she have reacted differently?"

Bothan Jean graduated from Harding University in Arkansas in 2016. Since then, he had been working at Price Waterhouse Coopers.

On Friday, a GoFundMe page was set up to fundraise for Jean's funeral arrangements. The campaign's aim was to raise $15,000; at the time of publication, 628 people had donated a total of $28,476.

On Thursday, police officer Amber Guyger, 30, fatally shot her neighbor Bothan Jean, 26, after she accidentally walked into his apartment believing it was hers. GoFundMe