Police Offering $3,000 for Capture of Cat Serial Killer Who Shot 15 Cats

Late Tuesday night, 15 cats were found shot to death in a group of over 30 cats that had been abandoned in rural Dunn County, Wisconsin.

Shocked and saddened by the crime, the Dunn County Humane Society shared the press release describing the horrific incident to their Facebook page. Attached to the post was a photo taken at the scene of the crime of the cats; however, the photo is blurry due to its graphic nature.

"This is not the type of post we enjoy putting up, but this is such an act of cruelty that we need to do everything we can to find the person/people responsible," said the humane society. "Any information regarding this incident would be greatly appreciated."

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The release stated that the offense occurred in the southwest corner of the township of Spring Brook, which is about 80 miles from the well-known Twin Cities. The cats were found abandoned at the side of the road next to a pile of cat food.

According to those at the scene, 18 live cats and kittens were rescued, but it still remains unclear as to who killed the other 15 cats and why.

In Wisconsin, animal cruelty is against the law, says the posts. Wisconsin Statute 951.02 states: "No person may treat any animal, whether belonging to the person or another, in a cruel manner."

According to the statement, the definition for "cruel" in this chapter means "causing unnecessary and excessive pain or suffering or unjustifiable injury or death."

The Dunn County Sheriff's Office is investigating the crime and is now offering a $3,000 reward to anyone who can provide information that leads to the arrest of the person or persons responsible.

Many community members are sickened by the crime and voiced their outrage online.

"This is horrible. I hope the person that did this gets caught to prevent future incidents," said one commenter. "My heart is broken."

Another Facebook commenter said: "Need to find them ASAP! Not only for the horrific things they did to these poor babies, but people like this usually have no qualms about hurting and killing other people. Sick P.O.S.!"

If you or someone you know has any information about the crime, please call the Sheriff's Office at 1-715-232-1348. Tips can be anonymous, according to the Sheriff's Office Facebook page.

Cats Killed in Wisconsin
Dunn County Humane Society/Facebook