Police Officer Shoots, Kills Man Allegedly Wielding Bat in Road Rage Incident

A police officer shot and killed a man who was allegedly armed with a baseball bat and attacking people during a road rage incident on Long Island.

After two vans honked at a Volkswagen stopped at a stop sign in Great Neck, New York, the driver of the car allegedly got out and used a bat to smash the vans' windows and clobber one of the drivers in the head, according to WABC. A Nassau County police officer responding to the scene fatally shot the suspect.

The person has not yet been identified.

The officer, who had seen the Monday incident unfolding, originally attempted to use a Taser on the bat-wielding suspect as the man approached him but could not subdue him, the station said. The officer commanded him to drop the bat but the calls were ignored and the officer shot the suspect.

The alleged road-rager was also said to have struck a good Samaritan with the bat when that person tried to intervene, according to News12, which identified the police officer as a rookie.

Police were still investigating the incident, the Nassau County Police Department reported.

The officer involved in the fatal shooting fired twice, the Associated Press said.

"He tazed the individual. It phased him a little bit but it did not stop him," Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder said, according to WCBS. "All along the officer was giving instructions to put the bat down.… His last instruction was to put the bat down, and the officer had no other option but to fire."

After being hit in the chest, the suspect was brought to North Shore University Hospital, where he died.

It was unclear how seriously the van driver and the good Samaritan were injured in the attack, but they were both sent to the hospital.

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