Police Release Hilarious Sketch of 'Burglar' Deer That Broke Into School

Police in New Hampshire released a hilarious sketch of a deer they said was involved in breaking into the local elementary school on Sunday afternoon.

Officers at the Barnstead Police Department received a call from a person who reported seeing a front window of the school smashed. When police arrived, they saw a 10-point buck standing in the school's lobby.

In a statement, police said they called the fire department for assistance in capturing the "four-legged suspect" but by the time they arrived, the buck ran through another window and escaped the school.

An officer attempted to chase and capture the deer but was unsuccessful.

"In the distance a voice could be heard yelling 'On Dancer!!!' and in the blink of an eye the suspect was gone," a lighthearted statement from BPD read. "At the scene of the crime police found a five-point antler and will be sending it to the crime lab to check for DNA."

Police joked that they believed the deer was part of an "organized crime group breaking into buildings in New Hampshire." Photos from the scene showed a lone antler left on the ground, shattered glass in front of the point of entry, and a broken glass pane on one of the school's doors.

In a statement, BPD mentioned a similar situation that occurred in the nearby town of Goffstown on Sunday.

"Our police counterparts in Goffstown responded to a call of a Buck inside an auto repair shop and the suspect got away when police arrived on scene," BPD wrote on Facebook.

BPD said they will be working with the Goffstown police and other law enforcement agencies to investigate the suspects. In a statement, BPD said they will try to "match hoof prints, surveillance and booking photos to see if this is the same suspect from the Goffstown burglary or another member of this organized crime group."

In the post, BPD also released a sketch of the suspect, a deer with large antlers, orange eyes, and a black ski mask to hide his identity.

Police said they will keep the public updated on the investigation into the four-legged suspect.

'Burglar' Deer Sketch
Police in Barnstead, New Hampshire released this hilarious sketch of a deer they say was suspected of breaking into a local elementary school. Police joked on Facebook that they believe the deer is part of an organized crime group in the area. BARNSTEAD POLICE DEPARTMENT FACEBOOK

Last week, Newsweek reported about a deer that broke into an elementary school in Springfield, Tennessee. According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, the young buck made his way into the school through an emergency exit.

Once the deer was found inside the school, Officer Kaleb Stratton was called to the scene. He said no one was in the classroom yet but the students were making their way to the school when he arrived.

Stratton said the situation would have been dangerous since it is currently mating season. He also said when he arrived at the classroom, he saw the scared deer trapped inside.

Stratton was able to coax the buck out of the classroom by leading him toward the door. In total, Stratton estimates the rescue took about 15 minutes.