Police Rescue Chicken Walking Away From KFC

Why did the chicken cross the road? To avoid ending up in a three-piece chicken box, of course.

Earlier this month, police in Midland, Michigan, rescued a chicken found wandering outside of a KFC. In an attempt to track down the bird's owner, officials posted a photo of the chicken to social media along with an elaborate story concocted by the Midland Police Department.

According to the Midland Police Department's mostly satirical Facebook post, the chicken was rescued on September 10.

"[O]fficers of the Midland Police Department were dispatched to the area of KFC on N. Saginaw Road for a report of someone breaking into the restaurant," the police department joked.

"Multiple reports described the suspect as small in stature, wearing white clothing with a red hood. He was also described as running around in a manic state, screaming "CLUCK CLUCK BAKAWWWW!"

When police arrived at the scene, the chicken attempted to flee. But thanks to one officer's "lightning-fast reflexes," the chicken was caught before he could "cross the road."

"Stay safe, Midland! We are glad to have taken this maniac off the streets," they ended their post.

Earlier this month, police in Midland, Michigan rescued a chicken found wandering outside of a KFC. This undated stock photo shows a chicken in a field. Madison Rae/iStock

While most of the story was, of course, a joke, police explained that a chicken really had been caught outside of the popular fast-food chain.

A photo attached shows an officer standing outside of the KFC with the chicken in one hand and a phone in the other.

City officials also posted the photo to the City of Midland's Facebook page, hoping to reunite the lost bird with its owner.

Sadly, however, a spokesperson for the Midland Police Department said that the owner was never located. So the police took the bird to a residence that houses chickens.

City officials also took the opportunity to remind the area's residents of the city's farm animal laws.

According to the state of Michigan, Midland isn't the best place to raise chickens.

"In Midland and along the Tittabawassee and Saginaw Rivers, dioxins got into the soil and river sediment because of old waste handling practices at The Dow Chemical Company," according to an official government resource. "Although Dow is no longer releasing these chemicals, dioxins stay in the environment for a very long time."

"Chickens can consume dioxins when they peck at the soil and eat insects from the ground," it adds. "Goats, sheep, pigs, and cows can also be exposed through soil, if they are grazing on a contaminated pasture. The dioxins in the soil and on the plants can end up in the eggs, milk, and meat from these animals."

Those who still choose to raise livestock in Midland can do so only in areas that are zoned for agriculture.

Updated 09/23/2021, 9:15 AM ET, to include an update from the Midland Police Department on the chicken's whereabouts.