Pony Gets Embarrassed After Falling Over in Adorable Viral Video

The moment you fall over in public is as embarrassing as it gets for most, and one viral pony also knows the feeling.

Pony foal Winter from Ireland had that moment caught on camera, and subsequently shared to the whole world, after her owner witnessed her sliding over, only to hilariously act like it never happened.

"Winter took a proper fall today and has a little cut, all cleaned and into bed now but my heart broke," wrote Winter's owner @allthingsequestrian93 in the video's caption.

In the clip, Winter began by running full-speed towards the fence on an apparently muddy floor, only to slip and land on her side. Her owner can be heard off-camera gasping, but it didn't phase Winter who got straight back off and trotted off.

For most viewers, the quick recovery was a sign of embarrassment for Winter who just adorably just wanted to act like it never happened. "She said, 'that never happened ok'," commented one TikTok user.

Winter's owner confirmed in later comments that although the fall caused a small cut, it wasn't sore and healed nicely.

The video can also be seen in full here.


Winter took a proper fall today & has a little cut, all cleaned & into bed now but my heart broke 😭 #fyp #equestrian #PrimeVideoRemakes

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Although the video was originally posted in December 2020 with over 115 million views, it gained popularity online again after Twitter user @smudgeherbrain re-shared the video, writing: "[She] was SO embarrassed."

Winter's owner, who has seven other ponies too, also re-shared a new version of the video just today, adding a popular TikTok audio over it. "I began to pass out, and my head hit the wall," said the audio, followed by a band noise as Winter hit the floor.

The pony was seemingly unaffected by the fall, and far from discouraged by it, as a later video showed her running full-speed as usual. In fact, just a few videos later and Winter had fallen again, this time on far softer ground, but again rising immediately in a smooth recovery.

"Wish she would slow down though," wrote her owner on TikTok.

Winter was born in 2019, and her full name is Freda's Winter Promise, named after her owner's grandmother, who passed away a few months before her birth. "She was so excited about this foal," explained @allthingsequestrian93.

According to TikTok videos, Winter is stubborn, loves attention and is jealous, as one video showed her chasing away other horses from the same field as her mom Willow.

Although @allthingsequestrian does equestrian and show jumping, Winter will not be ridden, as she's far too small—which may be lucky for riders, judging from her history with falling over.

Pony in a field
Stock image of a pony foal. Getty Images