TikTok Video of 'Oddly Satisfying' Popcorn Ceiling Removal Has Viewers Hooked

A TikTok video of a popcorn ceiling removal shared on the app has been dubbed "the most satisfying video," by its viewers.

After reaching popularity heights in the 1970s, popcorn ceilings have been depleting in desirability since. Thanks to people like Brandon Belliveau, begrudging home owners can remove the unwanted ceiling decoration, and seemingly provide a satisfying video in the meantime.

TikToker Belliveau, who refers to himself as "The Popcorn Killa," often shares videos on his TikTok account showing his job as a painter, but his popcorn ceiling removal has made him viral this time.

The video, which was posted on May 9, has already gained over 719,000 likes and five million views at the time of publication. Showing the removal of the popcorn ceiling, the smooth glide has become the latest 'satisfying' video to take the internet by storm.

In fact, the clip was shared on Reddit's "Oddly Satisfying" Subreddit, gaining over 600 comments in less than 15 hours. The video has been received so well that viewers have been demanding more videos in the series.

"This could possibly be THE MOst satisfying video i've ever seen," wrote one TikTok user.

"Dude, I need a part two," added another. Naturally, Belliveau obliged and shared a following clip from the same removal process.

"If this video was two hours, I would have watched this whole thing," complimented one user.

Although the video may have been incredibly satisfying for most, the causes of concern paired with it put a barrier for some, especially when it comes to the potential mess caused. "You know they have vacuum attachments for this job. What a mess," wrote a TikTok viewer.

As Belliveau is "The Popcorn Killa," he assured concerned viewers that he was aware and responded with a clip of him using the attachment previously. According to another video, a plastic sheet was put down beforehand and used to collect the falling parts. "Sometimes it's easier to wet and scrape," he wrote.

For most ex-popcorn ceiling owners, asbestos is the deciding factor for its removal, and viewers noted the potential for harm here too. "A lot of popcorn ceilings have asbestos, always test before you scrape, mesothelioma ain't a joke," commented a user.

Much like the mess, Belliveau assured he had taken precautions for such risks and added that he had tested the ceiling for asbestos beforehand, including a picture for evidence.

Newsweek contacted Brandon Belliveau for a comment.

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Take off in the popcorn ceiling home wall texture removal ceiling drywall demolition. A video of popcorn ceiling removal has gone viral on TikTok. Getty Images. Getty Images