Portland Protester Throws Molotov Cocktail at Officers As Police Bureau Set on Fire

Demonstrations in Portland continued last night following the criminal indictment of one of the three police officers involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor, turning increasingly tense as the night passed.

Protestors initially gathered peacefully in the rain following the indictment of former police officer Brett Hankison on three counts of wanton endangerment in the first degree.

The crowd remains in heavy rain. Speeches tonight have been given by black women. Many addressed the recent judgement of the police officers who killed Breonna Taylor as evidence of continued systematic racism & police brutality. #Portlandprotests #PDXProtests #BlackLivesMatter pic.twitter.com/HJk0afXjnG

— Justin Yau (@PDocumentarians) September 24, 2020

The demonstrations moved from Portland's Justice Center to the city's Police Bureau, which had been covered in wood paneling ahead of the protests.

Fires were started on the wood paneling and protestors also threw objects at the building.

As police moved in on the protestors, a Molotov cocktail was thrown at one group of officers.

Police later attempted to clear protestors from a nearby park, firing pepper balls and using pepper spray.

#PORTLAND: someone just threw a Molotov at Portland Police as officers moved in and declared the event an riot. #PortlandProtests #pdxprotest pic.twitter.com/culZvhAkcL

— pierce singgih (@piercesinggih) September 24, 2020

What was the indictment in Breonna Taylor's case?

On Wednesday afternoon, the Jefferson County grand jury announced its indictment, which applies to the bullets Hankison fired into residences nearby Taylor's home during the raid that killed her.

Hodkinson fired 10 bullets into Taylor's home, some of which pierced through the walls into adjacent apartments. He was the only officer fired from the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) in June, three months after the former EMT was killed.

Hodkinson's bond was set at $15,000, which was posted soon afterwards. There were no charges announced in relation to Taylor's death.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer and the LMPD had declared a state of emergency in the city ahead of the potential unrest that could occur after the announcement of the indictment.

All vacation days and time-off requests for LMPD personnel were suspended as part of the declaration, the Louisville-based television station WDRB reported after obtaining the memorandum sent to LMPD staff.

Two officers from the LMPD have reportedly been shot and mass arrests occurred following a mostly peaceful protest near the city's main courthouse.

Following the announcement of the indictment, protests ensued in cities across the country.

Portland has been an epicenter of protests against police brutality since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody in May. The demonstrations in Oregon's largest city have now lasted for more than 100 consecutive days.

Portland's NAACP president Reverend E.D. Mondainé recently told KATU, a local TV station, that the protests could continue for years unless "extraordinarily unapologetic and deliberate actions" are taken to begin to "root out systemic racism."

Portland Police
Federal officers block a downtown street on September 19, 2020 in Portland, Oregon. Protests have continued following the announcement of charges against one of the officers involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor. Nathan Howard//Getty Images