Trump Supporter Involved in Portland Caravan Sued for Allegedly Hitting Woman

A woman who claims she was hit by a truck driver who was part of the caravan of President Donald Trump supporters who descended upon Portland last weekend is suing him for $45,000.

Holli Parulski claims she was watching the caravan of vehicles drive through the city on Saturday, August 29, when a truck purposely hit her on the arm.

The lawsuit, filed in Multnomah County Circuit Court, states that Parulski was "peacefully observing" the pro-Trump caravan as she stood at a crosswalk at Southwest Washington Street and Third Avenue which had an active "walk" signal in place.

Parulski claims the leased 2017 Chevy Colorado Pickup intentionally drove into her, striking her on the elbow and causing her "pain and distress."

The lawsuit also alleges that she reported the incident to Portland Police Lt. Jeff Niiya, he "refused to cite the driver and refused to take a report."

A video showing the incident was posted onto Twitter by reporter Cory Elia, who tweeted the clip with the caption: "One rally member turns to avoid counter-protesters but another drives right through them hitting several people."

According to The Oregonian, the driver of the vehicle is Tim Hollister, who declined to comment on the lawsuit.

His wife, Brenda Hollister, did confirm that he was the one who drove to Portland as part of the caravan, but denied hitting anyone with the truck and that they were actually under attack.

One person was recorded kicking at the truck after it drives through an apparent red light at the intersection.

"There's a video that pretty much shows nobody was struck by anyone, so I'm not too worried," Brenda Hollister said.

"It was scary, extremely scary for us," she added. "We didn't hit anybody. They hit us."

As noted by The Oregonian/OregonLive, officer Niiya was previously criticized after it emerged he had been texting Joey Gibson, leader of the far-right Patriot group, in 2017 and 2018.

The group previously held a number of rallies on Portland which turned violent after being met with counter protests.

On the weekend that the caravan arrived in Portland, 39-year-old Patriot Prayer supporter Aaron J. Danielson was shot and killed during clashes between opposing groups.

Brenda Hollister denied that her family were in any way involved with the violent clashes.

Fuller is also representing a woman who is suing a Trump supporter for allegedly shooting her with a paintball gun during separate clashes in Portland on August 22.

Confirming the latest lawsuit on Twitter, Fuller wrote: "Another Oregon client just filed a $45,000 lawsuit against the Salem man leasing this truck that drove into her at a Trump rally on August 28.

"If you have video of this incident, please DM me."

Portland Police have been contacted for comment.

Pro-Trump supporters drive into downtown during a rally in support of the president on August 29, 2020 in Portland, Oregon. A woman who claims she was hit by a truck driver who was part of the caravan Trump supporters is suing him for $45,000. Nathan Howard/Getty