Possum Attacks Python, Wins Back Her Baby

Screenshot (15)
Images posted to Facebook show the possum wrapped up by the snake and the mother possum leaping to the rescue. Christine Birch Williams, Facebook

Dramatic images of a possum biting and clawing a python to save its baby have sparked an online debate over whether the photographer should have intervened.

The images of the dramatic struggle were posted on Facebook on Thursday showing a mother possum trying to fight off the carpet python in the backyard of a house in Queensland, Australia.

Christine Birch Williams took the six images showing the python wrapped around the baby possum it had snatched off its mother's back.

The python was trying to squeeze the life out of its prey but the mother possum attacked the snake and won the battle, forcing the snake to released the baby unharmed.

Williams, from Mackay, posted on Facebook: "Yes I took photos and didn't interfere with nature. The python lives a happy life in my courtyard."

One person posted: "I wouldn't have interfered but I would have run away and not watched," while another wrote, "I work hard to save, rehab and release animals so they can carry on living their natural lives. I wouldn't interfere any more than what humans already have."

Stuart McKenzie, a Queensland snake catcher who posted the three-year old images on Facebook, said: "Mr Python had a few bite marks for his troubles. He won't mess with that possum again. As hard as this would be to watch...this is all apart of nature.

"Would I interfere and save the baby if I was there at the time?! Hard to say. In one hand it would be horrible to watch, on the other hand the snake has earnt his meal."

Queensland Museum Mammals Collection Manager Heather Janetzki told ABC News: "While I've personally never seen a possum act like that before and attack a snake, possums can generally be quite feisty animals, so that doesn't surprise me."