Post-Trial Doldrums Edition

Though the C.W. was no fan of the Senate trial, it now kind of misses Lindsey Graham's folksy rants, and even the C.J.'s stripes. Soc. sec. actuarial tables don't provide the same rush.


Bill         =   Says "Presidents are people, too." And some

                 people are still shameless.

Hillary      +   Run, Hil, Run. NY Sen. race would make

                 Gore-Bush look like Student Council bid.

Rudy         =  Already jabbing First Lady on non-kosher

                Palestine stance. Will he sic cops on her?

Kurds        -  Old: lovable victims of Saddam terror.

                New: scary, rampaging street protesters.

Jane Doe 5   =  Should have leveled (unproven) assault charge 

                in '78, or '92. But sounds like our guy.

Yankees      =  Good: Rocket Roger owns Cy Young Award.

                Bad: Traded Boomer was soul of the team.

+  Upside

-  Downside

=  Upside/Downside