Poster Admits to Finding Fiancé 'Ugly' Without Beard After Shaving Mishap

A Redditor's fiancé had a shaving mishap, so consequently he had to shave off his entire beard, and his fiancée in turn found him "ugly" without it.

The viral Reddit post recounting the situation, titled, "My fiancé is ugly without a beard," has been upvoted 10,000 times since it was shared on April 7. The short post, shared by Redditor @Khalessimena, began by explaining the original poster (OP) has been with their fiancé, who is a 24-year-old man, for almost two years.

Psychology Today reported that a University of Queensland study found that with more facial hair, more men were seen as attractive. However, some women who didn't like beards were actually afraid of parasites in the facial hair and skin.

"When I met him, he had facial hair, and [I] was immediately attracted to him," the OP explained. "If I was to rate him, it's probably a 9/10."

The other week he "messed up" while shaving, and consequently he chose to shave everything off. This was the very first time the OP had seen their fiancé without facial hair, and they described it as "awful."

"This beautiful man turned into someone else, and not in a good way," they continued. "I didn't really react because I do love him, but attraction is important and the physical attraction I have for him is much lower. So now I just have to hope he never shaved again. Ugh."

In an edit, the OP explained they "never said" that they "lost all attraction" to him. "Nor did I say I didn't want to be with him!" the OP explained. "It's just a huge change I didn't expect. Maybe ugly sounds harsh, but it was my initial and honest reaction."

Man shaving
A Redditor admitted to finding their fiancé "ugly" without a beard in a recent post. Here, a man shaving in the mirror. HALFPOINT/GETTY

Over 1,900 comments came pouring in over the viral Reddit post, and a lot of people had their own stories or experiences to share. A Redditor admitted to shaving their beard once and only leaving a mustache, "and my wife at the time said only 'No' when I asked her how I looked. Needless to say, I shaved it after that."

One Redditor thought seeing someone without a beard "can be shocking at first for anyone," adding, "Especially if you are used to it. It's pretty common for young kids to be scared if a parent changes a haircut or shaves a beard. Just tell him you think he looks better with facial hair. That's the nice thing about hair. Generally, it grows back."

While one Reddit user thought the OP sounds familiar. "You sound like those babies on YouTube who see their dads' clean-shaven face for the first time and cry haha," they weighed in.

Some people had theories and questions pertaining to the future based on the post. "Anyone going to tell her?" a Redditor said. "What happens when he starts balding?"

While one viewer didn't mince words with their advice for the OP. "If shaving is enough to ruin your attraction to him, maybe you shouldn't get married," they figured.

Another Redditor guaranteed the fiancé won't have a beard and facial hair forever. "Best get right with that possibility right now," they added.

One user reasoned the hair will grow back, adding, "On a side note, I'm sure he feels the same when you don't have your eyelashes on or makeup."

Newsweek reached out to Redditor @Khalessimena for comment.

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