Is There a Power Outage in Knoxville? LCUB Issues Customer Alert

Following reports of a power outage in Knoxville, Tennessee, people have been left concerned and wondering if their cities have been, or will be, affected.

According to the Lenoir City Utilities Board, which provides power to the region, this is only currently affecting the Knoxville area.

Lenoir City Utilities Board, otherwise known as LCUB, serves the following regions: Lenoir City, Oak Ridge, Knoxville, and Loudon.

Is LCUB Experiencing a Power Outage?

Yes it is. LCUB announced via Twitter on Tuesday that there has been a power outage. You can see the tweet below:

Who Is Affected by LCUB's Power Outage?

As far as has been reported, the outage is only affecting the Knoxville area, with West Knoxville particularly affected.

The LCUB said that about 24,000 customers, both residential and commercial, had no power on Tuesday night, June 14, at 11:20 p.m.

It says it is working with crews to understand the cause of the issue so it can put the power on again.

Officials have stated that, potentially, four other substations were also down on Tuesday night.

When Will the Power Come Back on?

As of yet, there has been no official cause given as to why there has been a power outage, and until the utility can identify the root of the problem, it can't fix it. Meaning that currently, there is no word on when the power will come back, but we do know that it is working hard to fix it.

What Do I Do When the Power is out?

It's important throughout power outages to remain safe and calm. As Knoxville is currently experiencing a heatwave, which is set to break right before the weekend, this power outage means a lot of people won't be able to use their fans or air conditioners.

However, there are quite a few things that you can do to remain cool throughout a heat wave. This includes drinking plenty of water, as well as closing the windows in the hottest rooms, as this will prevent warm air from coming in.

There are also battery-powered fans available, so anyone that has one should absolutely use it. We also recommend waiting (if you can) until the temperature slightly drops and there is cooler air outside, and then stepping on to your front porch or backyard. This can help lower your body temperature if it is too high.

We will be regularly updating this article as more information rolls in on this power outage, so keep checking back for more information.

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