'Power' Season 6, Episode 12 Promo: 'He Always Wins' Offers More Clues As to Who Shot Ghost

Power Season 6 has just four episodes left, with five suspects remaining after the previous episode ruled out Dre (played by Rotimi Akinosho) and Rashad Tate (Laurenz Tate) as the person who shot Ghost (Omari Hardwick). Power Season 6, Episode 12, titled "He Always Wins" focuses on what Paz Valdes (Elizabeth Rodriguez) was doing on the day that Ghost died and explores her as a suspect.

This was first hinted at in an Entertainment Weekly interview with Power creator Courtney Kemp after Episode 11, who said, "it is Paz for next week," and confirmed by the Season 6, Episode 12 synopsis, which reads, "Paz, still grieving Angela's [Lela Loren] death, seeks allies in the pursuit of justice or vengeance so she forms an alliance with Warner [Evan Handler]; they hatch a plan to arrest Ghost for the murder of Angela but things don't go as planned."

Though some outlets have reported that "He Always Wins" will feature a time jump to the events after Ghost's death, this is not the case. Instead, all of the remaining Power episodes take place over the same day—the one that ended with the death of Ghost. As Kemp told EW, all of the remaining episodes of Power on Starz will, "retell the same day," allowing fans to "see this last day of Ghost's life, which was previously all in his perspective, from the perspective of all of the suspects."

Though it is not hinted in the trailer, the synopsis and the fact that there are still three episodes to go seems to suggest that Episode 12 will eliminate Paz as a suspect, with the character likely to be heading to arrest Ghost when she hears a gunshot, similar to what happened with Dre in the last episode.

Though we might be able to cross Paz off of our lists, the Episode 12 trailer gives us more clues about two of our suspects, while also hinting at another potential culprit that has not been mentioned before.

power season 6 episode 12
"Power" Season 6, Episode 12 will explore what Paz was doing on the day of Ghost's death Starz

The 30-second Starz trailer features noticeable statements from perhaps the two most likely suspects, Tommy (Joseph Sikora) and Tasha (Naturi Naughton), as well as a moment from Tate's campaign manager Ramona Garrity (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) that could be telling.

We see Tommy say in the promo, "we all do crazy shit for the people we love." In the previous episodes, we learned that Tommy blames Ghost for the death of his girlfriend LaKeisha (La La Anthony), so this could be seen as an admission that he killed Ghost in revenge. In another moment from the preview, Tasha gives the episode its title when she says, "there's no beating him. He always wins." Could this be a sign that she took the biggest step she could to stop Ghost once and for all?

Then we have Ramona. The Power Season 6, Episode 12 promo ends with her saying, "there are some people who are just unstoppable." This is framed to sound like she is talking about Ghost, but the ambitious campaign manager could be talking about herself.

Though her motivations for killing Ghost are unclear, she has far better access to Ghost than any of the other suspects, making it easier for her to fire that fatal shot, and may have to get rid of him because she has found out about his past and now considers him a liability to her rise to power.

Power Season 6, Episode 12 airs Sunday, January 12 on Starz.

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