'Power' Season 6 Spoilers: All the Evidence that Rashad Tate Killed Ghost

Rashad Tate (played by Laurenz Tate) is one of the final four suspects in the mystery of who shot Ghost (Omari Hardwick) on Power, and there are some pretty damning pieces of evidence against Ghost's former political ally on the Starz show.

One of the most prominent plots of Power Season 6 was their relationship becoming increasingly sour, and the perfect ending for this would be Tate finally breaking and dealing with his biggest political problem by killing him⁠—or hiring someone else to kill him.

All the evidence that Tate killed Ghost on Power

He hired someone to kill Ghost

Out of all the suspects, he is the one that so far has gotten the closest to succeeding in his plan to kill Ghost. In Season 6, Episode 11, Tate hired Dre (Rotimi Akinosho) to kill Ghost, and Dre was only prevented from doing so because someone got there first.

In some ways, this might eliminate Tate as a suspect, as we know that he hired someone to kill Ghost and that person failed. However, Power could be hiding the fact that Tate actually hired multiple people to do his bidding (after all, would you trust Dre to do something this important?) to ensure Ghost would die, or alternatively killed Ghost himself and hired multiple people as decoys that would stop police from finding out what really happened.

Ghost ruined Tate's political ambitions

As for why Tate would kill Ghost, he currently has two motives. Tate initially brought Ghost in to help him achieve his political ambitions, but over the course of the campaign, Ghost managed to ruin Tate's chances and then joined the ticket of his political rival. When you are dealing with someone as ambitious as Tate, it is easy to believe he would kill his rival to stop him ever getting in the way of his ambitions ever again.

power season 6 episode 14
Did Rashad Tate (right) kill his former running mate on "Power"? Starz

Ghost is blackmailing him

Tate's second motive, meanwhile, is that Ghost has been threatening him. Tate tried to take Ghost off the Queens Child Project and his campaign, but Ghost replied by revealing he had a recording that showed that Tate knew that Alphonse (Patrick R. Walker) stole money from the project. And as Tate murdered Alphonse, he has a good reason to keep this a secret.

Tate knows that if someone like Ghost has dirt on you, the only way to escape from that is if that person is gone, so he may have felt he had to eliminate his biggest obstacle to political power.

Ghost told him "nothing can stop me"

In Power, gloating about your successes or taunting your rivals is the quickest way to a bullet in the skull⁠—just ask Ray Ray (Marcus Callender), who managed to taunt Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) into killing him even after Tariq was about to drop his weapon.

As such, when Ghost told Tate, "Nothing can stop me from winning... I always win," and "maybe politics just ain't your thing" and that he should "go back to being a cop," Ghost may have signed his own death certificate.

He may be working with someone else

Power has been so consistent in eliminating its suspects one by one that it might be hiding a big twist where it is revealed that two people are in fact behind the death of Ghost. If this is the case, then Tate is very likely to be one of those two people.

Though we know he is capable of murder (he killed Alphonse), he is more likely to pay someone else to do the job for him. We know he failed with Dre, but the Power Season 6, Episode 14 trailer shows him trying to persuade Tasha (Naturi Naughton) to help him kill her husband.

Power Season 6 continues Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Starz.