How to Watch Powerball Numbers Drawing Live Online, Stream Results Tonight 2/6/2019

Wednesday night's Powerball drawing gave ticketholders another chance at a $204 million jackpot with a $124.2 million cash option.

The previous drawing on Saturday didn't have a jackpot winner so it increased since then and people had another chance at winning it. Tickets for the drawing are on sale for an hour or two before the drawings are scheduled to happen at 10:59 p.m. EST. The exact time when tickets can still be purchased is different in each state that has the Powerball lottery, so anyone who wants to play should check the rules in their state.

Drawings are held on live television from the WSB-TV station in Atlanta, Georgia, and live online here:

The results of the drawing are added to the website shortly after the drawing happens and there is a list of television stations that have the broadcast on the Powerball website.

To win ticketholders have to match the white ball numbers to the numbers on their ticket. There are five of the white ball numbered one through 69 and they can be in any order. The one number that needs to match exactly is the red standalone ball number, those balls range from one to 26. If all six of those numbers match then the ticketholder has won the jackpot.

If they have a combination of the winning numbers they may have won a smaller prize. The Power Play can help multiply those winnings by two, three, four, five or 10 and costs an extra dollar per ticket. The multiplier is chosen before the drawing and the 10 times multiplier is out of the running when the jackpot is over $150 million. Also, any ticketholder with the multiplier and five white ball numbers that match automatically wins $2 million.

The Powerball is played in 44 states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. So residents of other states or territories can't take part. Though it's played across the states some of the rules vary by state.

Whether or not a jackpot winner can remain anonymous varies by state as does the amount of time a jackpot winner has to cash in their winning ticket. In states where winner can remain anonymous from the media and the public they do still have to reveal their identity to the lottery. ​

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A customer picks up her California Powerball lottery tickets at the famous Bluebird Liquor store which is considered to be a lucky retailer of tickets, in Hawthorne, California on January 13, 2016. Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images