Powerball Results, Numbers for 3/9/22: Did Anyone Win the $99 Million Jackpot?

Wednesday night's Powerball draw has taken place and the winning numbers were 13, 22, 34, 51 and 67, and the Powerball was 10, while the Power Play was 2X.

No one won the Jackpot of $99.4 million for the March 9 draw, meaning the grand prize pot will once again get even bigger for the next draw. The next estimated jackpot stands at $112 million. The cash value of that prize stands at $76.8 million.

There weren't many big winners to celebrate on Wednesday, with just one person, a lucky winner from New Jersey, matching all five numbers without the Powerball to win $1 million.

All the Powerball Winners from March 9

As mentioned, one person from New Jersey is $1 million richer this morning, but they failed to play the Power Play and multiply their winnings to $2 million. This winner matched all five of the white balls, but missed out on the Powerball.

Twelve ticket holders are celebrating their winnings of $50,000 after matching four white numbers and the Powerball. Just one of those dozen people played the Power Play and managed to utilize the 2X multiplier, increasing their winnings to $100,000.

From there the prizes get a lot smaller, and that's reflected by the amount of people who won.

Waking up this morning $100 richer are the 151 people who matched four white balls without a bonus ball. Some 54 of those folks multiplied their winnings to $200. Also winning $100 were the 388 people who matched three white ball numbers with the Powerball, while 135 people managed to multiply that to $200.

Falling short, but still classed as winners, were the 10,099 people who matched three white ball numbers without the Powerball. They win $7, while 3,609 of those people multiplied that to $14 with the Power Play. Another 8,928 people also won $7 for matching two white numbers and the Powerball, with another 3,320 people doubling that to $14.

Finally, the smallest prize on the board was $4. A total of 71,869 people, 25,764 of whom opted for the Power Play, matched one white ball and the Power Ball for the small payday.

All a player had to do to double their $2 purchased ticket was match the Powerball in order to win the $4, without even getting any of the previous five numbers. A total of 180,202 people matched that number, with 65,577 of those people enforcing the Power Play to increase it to $8.

Odds of Winning the Powerball

The odds of winning anything on the Powerball are 1 in 24.9, according to the Powerball website. The odds of winning the bigger prizes are of course drastically smaller.

Wednesday night's biggest winner from New Jersey, who won $1 million, had a 1 in 11,655,053 chance of landing that prize. Meanwhile the jackpot, which went unclaimed yet again, gives people odds of 1 in 292,201,338, according to the Powerball jackpot.

The next Powerball draw will be held on Sunday, March 13, with an estimated jackpot of $112 million.

Powerball Lottery Tickets
Image shows a lottery player buying a handful of Powerball tickets. The latest draw had a jackpot prize of $99 million. Justin Sulivan/Getty Images