Powerball Results, Numbers for 3/14/22: Did Anyone Win the $125 Million Jackpot?

Monday night's Powerball draw has taken place and the winning numbers were 21, 28, 32, 44, 49 and the Powerball was 06, while the Power Play was 3X.

With a whopping $124.7 million on the table, Powerball ticket holders everywhere will be checking their numbers to see if they won the jackpot.

Unfortunately, this time there were no Powerball jackpot winners, and no one even managed to match five numbers and earn themselves a cool million dollars. This means the next Powerball draw will feature an estimated jackpot of $133 million, with an estimated cash value of $87.8 million.

The Number of Winners From the March 14 Powerball

Anyone who matched all five of the white ball numbers and the red Powerball number could have been $124.7 million richer today—alas, no one matched the numbers and the jackpot rolled over into the next draw.

As always, there was also $1 million available for anyone who matched the five white numbers without the Powerball. Once again, no one secured this payday on this occasion.

Five people shared the biggest prize of the night. Those lucky ticket holders matched four white ball numbers as well as the Powerball to secure themselves $50,000. One of those ticket holders had activated the 3X Power Play and turned that payday into a $150,000 win.

The total winnings are significantly reduced for the next group of winners. A total of 176 players matched four white ball numbers, without the Powerball, to win $100. Just 53 of those players turned that prize into $300 with the Power Play. Also walking away $100 richer are the 378 players who matched three numbers and the Powerball. Of those, 120 players tripled the cash into $300.

Three white ball numbers were all a player needed to bag a $7 win. A total of 9,873 players managed that while 3,294 of them tripled it to $21 with the Power Play multiplier. Another 8,510 also won $7 by matching two numbers and the Powerball, and 2,706 of them trebled up to $21.

There were over 200,000 winners of the consolation prize in Monday night's draw, managing to secure $4 with their tickets. Some 63,335 matched a white number and the Powerball to pocket the cash while 20,508 used the 3X Power Play to make it $12. A grand total of 153,447 players correctly matched the Powerball number to also win $4, with 50,328 of those players tripling the cash to $12.

The Next Powerball Draw

Powerball numbers are drawn every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59 p.m. ET.

The next Powerball draw will take place on Wednesday, March 16. The estimated jackpot for this draw already stands at $133 million and has a cash value of $87.8 million.

Powerball Lottery Tickets
Image shows a collection of Powerball lottery tickets. Nobody won the $124,700 million jackpot prize on March 14. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images