A presenter at academic media company PragerU has been criticized for stating that her spiritual beliefs means she thinks Jewish people chose to be killed in the Holocaust, and that Adolf Hitler went to heaven.

In a series of tweets over the past few days, Karlyn Borysenko has been outlining her beliefs that people make decisions about their lives before they "choose to be born," including when they die.

While answering a number of questions on the subject, Borysenko said this includes children who "choose to be aborted" as they could "choose to be born into human form" if they wanted.

Borysenko went on to suggest that even those who were killed in the Holocaust chose to do so spiritually for the "experience."

"Everyone who died in the Holocaust chose to die in the Holocaust before they were ever born because they collective[ly] wanted to understand the experience of ultimate oppression," she tweeted.

"That's why Hitler went to Heaven."

Progressive think tank The Gravel Institute and left-wing media company The Serfs were among those who criticized Borysenko for claiming the Jewish people subconsciously decided to be killed in the atrocity.

Ian Miles Cheong, a prominent pro-Donald Trump conservative pundit, also tweeted: "Karlyn Borysenko went from 'abortion is a choice babies choose' all the way down to 'Hitler did nothing wrong.' Someone needs to do a wellness check on her. This isn't normal.

"Watched one of Karlyn Borysenko's YouTube videos. She says dumber things live than she does on Twitter, if you can believe it," Cheong added.

In a number of follow-up explanations, Borysenko denied that her comments were anti-Semitic and said she doesn't believe Hitler went to hell because it doesn't exist, just like the Jewish faith teaches.

"Heaven is real. It's the spirit realm we all go to after we die. hell is not real. It's an invention of religion to control people," Borysenko tweeted.

"Hitler was an evil person on a human level. He still didn't go to hell. Hell is not real."

In another response to the criticism she received online, she added: "Everyone chooses when they die. Everyone means everyone. Hitler went to heaven because hell is not real.

"Not walking back shit for you outrage junkies. I do not care how much it offends your fragile sensibility. Keep screaming. Wear yourselves out."

In 2020, Borysenko attracted media attention by declaring that she would be leaving the Democratic party and become a Republican after attending a Trump rally.

In February of this year, she shared images taken from a Coca-Cola diversity workshop which encouraged employees to "try to be less white."

PragerU and Karlyn Borysenko have both been contacted for comment.

Karlyn Borysenko as been criticized for stating that her spiritual beliefs means she thinks Jewish people chose to be killed in the Holocaust.PragerU