Prankster Calls Conservative Radio Show, Sneaks in Names of 20 Punk Bands

A prank caller was able to fool three radio presenters with a call-in rant that included the names of 20 punk rock bands.

Illustrator Rob Dobi took credit for the incident and posted the video of the prank on his Twitter page.

Dobi tweeted the video with the caption: "I called a conservative morning show and tried to name as many punk bands as I could before they caught on."

Many viewers took delight in Dobi's prank and his ability to trick the hosts with what they thought was an anti-liberal rant.

Calling in and speaking to Liz Gabert of WSMN, his efforts seemed to go unnoticed by her and her co-hosts.

The video has been viewed over 700,000 times and liked over 23,000 times.

Former NBA player Rex Chapman also shared the video with the caption: "Stop whatever you're doing and watch this. Elite level trolling..."

One of the bands mentioned, Rise Against, also tweeted the video with the caption: "First time caller, long time listener."

Dobi addressed the praise he was getting with another tweet that read: "If anyone liked this call they can find me in Brooklyn on Friday for Ska dream, and buy me a whisky ginger.

One viewer listed each band he believed Dobi had included in his prank call while admitting there may have been more that he missed.

The list included: Against Me, Descendents, Refused, Life Of Agony, Sick Of It All, Minor Threat, Fugazi, Bad Brains, Misfits, Black Flag, Anti-Flag, Converge Youth Of Today, Blink 182, Exploited, Rise Against, Fall Out Boy, Reel Big Fish, Rancid and New Found Glory.

Dobi called in and said: "I think one of my main problems is I am a Republican in a fairly liberal area. I feel like everyone is against me.

"I feel like what we need to do is look into what our descendants told us.

"In the past, we refused to live a life of agony. I am just sick of it all.

"I am sick of people just thinking we are a minor threat. Enough of that fugazi. A lot of these people, they have just got bad brains and are misfits who wave black flags, they are practically anti-flag.

"I think we need to converge and help the youth of today, every time you blink, 182 kids, they go missing.

"I don't think we should be exploited anymore, we need to rise against otherwise they are going to have to deal with the fallout, boy."

The seemingly unaware radio hosts agreed with Dobi, who called in with the fake name Bill, and added that more people were fighting back against these liberals.

As the radio hosts continued to discuss what Dobi had said he managed to sneak in a few more band references.

He said: "Anyway, I will let you guys go, I'm going to head out and catch some reel big fish."

Gabert then asked whether he was going to have that fish for Thanksgiving dinner. He replied by saying "not if it tastes rancid" and the hosts laughed, unaware that it was another band name.

Dobi was also able to get one final reference in before hanging up by saying "newfound glory to you guys".

Newsweek has contacted Gabert for comment.

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Stock image of a man playing guitar on stage. A prankster managed to fool radio hosts as he name dropped 20 bands during his call in to the staiton. Getty Images