Pregnant With Abs: Instagram Has Mixed Reactions to Belle Lucia's Tiny Baby Bump 6 Months Into Pregnancy

Pregnant Belly
A pregnant woman holds her stomach June 7, 2006 in Sydney, Australia. Getty/Ian Waldie

Australian Model, singer and Instagram star Belle Lucia shared a photo of her six month baby bump on her Instagram feed on Wednesday, and her followers had mixed reactions. Some slammed Lucia over her tiny stomach, which barely shows a visible bump. Others celebrated her pregnancy and health, and commented on how wonderful she looks without any visibly gained weight.

The comments sparked a conversation surrounding what is normal during pregnancy. Many commenters explained how they grew to have large bumps by the sixth month of their pregnancy. She responded to a handful of positive comments, and even explained the medical circumstances behind a woman's bump.

When a fan asked Lucia if her bump was so small because of her "genes," the model responded. "Everyone shows differently relating to a number of factors," she wrote. "How the baby is positioned, your placenta, how much amniotic fluid you have, how your uterus is sitting (some women have a retroverted uterus—I don't have this but it means baby grows towards the back), your stomach muscles, having more fat on your stomach can hide a pregnancy longer, genetics, being tall means more room in stomach and you show later...the reasons are endless and often you can't control when you 'show.'"

While many were supportive of Lucia's post, others slammed the model and claimed she was keeping her unborn child unhealthy for her own aesthetic. "So SAD when you're own personal vanity keeps you from gaining weight to have a healthy baby," wrote Instagram user @southerncollaborator. "You were not built for a swimsuit as a woman. You were built to bear children. Quit the narcissistic behavior and gain weight for the health of your unborn child. Cruelly selfish!!!"

Lucia responded. "Ummm I've gained 8kgs (17.5 pounds)...and I'm only 6 months pregnant. Maybe don't assume things before you know the truth. Ps my body was built to do both," she clapped back.

The model has a following of 1.3 million followers, and the six month bump photo, which shows Lucia sitting on a tattered pink boat on a beach in Spain, received nearly 92,500 likes.

On Thursday, she posted a video of her baby bump on her Instagram story, which explained that some days her baby bump "pops out" and other days it just looks like a stomach after eating. Lucia has been candid about her pregnancy—which can be seen in her "pregnancy" highlight on her Instagram page—and commented heavily on pregnancy-induced vomiting, constipation and other less-than-glamorous aspects of growing a child.