Pregnant New York City Woman Found Dead in Apartment Entryway With Multiple Stab Wounds to Torso, Neck

Illustrative: crime scene tape lies in a bundle on a street in Queens, New York City. Stephen Chernin/Getty Images

Police are searching for a man in relation to the killing of a pregnant woman and her unborn child. The woman was found stabbed multiple times in the torso and neck, left for dead inside an apartment building.

Jennifer Irigoyen, 35, was five months pregnant when she sustained the fatal stab wounds inside the vestibule of her apartment building in the Ridgewood neighborhood of Queens. She was rushed to hospital where she was pronounced dead, WABC reported.

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Police have said the real estate agent's unborn child also did not survive, following the 1 a.m. call they responded to in the early hours of Sunday.

Investigators are now searching for Irigoyen's boyfriend for questioning, reviewing surveillance footage. Her family has called her death the result of domestic violence, ABC News reported.

"Domestic violence seized Jenny's life too soon and in such a tragic way. As her family members, we cannot fathom the fear and anguish that she must have felt during her final moments," the family wrote in a statement.

"She did not deserve this. She deserved to be happy. She deserved to be loved. She deserved to raise her son. We want to see justice served and hope that Jenny's passing influences others to speak up, leave, report, and diminish domestic abuse from their own lives," the statement added.

The superintendent for Irigoyen's building on Myrtle Avenue in Ridgewood, Lisa Ramos, has said she was deeply troubled by the incident. "I was shocked. I was really shocked," Ramos said. She explained that blood had been seen in Irigoyen's apartment building and in the entry vestibule.

"She was a sweetheart. A very nice girl," she added. "I didn't have no worries with her—paid her rent on time and she was a very good person," she added.

The superintendent said the woman had been caring, taught Zumba classes and loved to dance. Irigoyen's daughter, an 8-year-old, is now living with her grandmother.

At the time of publishing there had been no arrests in the case. The investigation is ongoing.

Irigoyen's family have launched a GoFundMe campaign in a bid to cover her funeral costs. As of early Tuesday morning the initiative has so far raised around $3,000.