Pregnant Woman Praised for Not Letting Husband and His Mom Into Delivery Room

A woman has been praised for yelling at her husband and mother-in-law, after her husband tried to force his own mother on the delivery room with her.

In a post shared on Reddit on Thursday, the woman who just gave birth to the baby, u/Glass_Ad4738, explained that before birth, her husband and mother-in-law tried to persuade her to replace her mother with his in the delivery room.

"[Mother-in-law] held my hand and said: 'Me and J have talked and we think it would be best if I replaced your mother in the delivered room.'" The post read. Request that the new mom denied.

The new mother was not comfortable with her in-law's presence, especially because she's already made her feel judged about her weight and skin color in the past, but her husband didn't agree and on the big day he surprised her the worst possible way.

man arguing with pregnant woman
A stock image shows a man and a pregnant woman arguing. The internet has slammed a man who shouted at his wife in labor because she wouldn't let his mom in the delivery room. Getty Images

Once in labor, the woman discovered that her husband had called her mother saying she didn't want her there, and that she would be replaced by his mother instead.

The new mom then told her mother she wanted her there, and 20 minutes after she arrived her husband also came with his own mother. The two started an argument there and then, with the man yelling at his wife for not letting him bring his mother along to watch her give birth.

"After he shouted at me for about 5 more minutes I told him to leave. I said I didn't want to see him or his mother ever again. I'm still not sure if I meant what I said or not."

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Most users were horrified by the husband's behavior towards his wife. QuebecSausage commented: "[NotTheA**hole]. He violated your trust during one of the most vulnerable moments of your life. You made your feelings clear and he lied to you and tried to take away your support system during labor.

"His actions were disgusting and his mother should be ashamed of herself as well. And he shouted at you as you were in labor cause his mommy couldn't be there? Wow. Just wow."

Accomplished_Sun_258 said: "OP's [Original Poster] Baby Daddy is a classic Mama's Boy. He's acting like a spoiled, selfish child. It's appropriate to refer to his behavior that way." And DakiLapin added: "Trash. Throw him directly in and roll it to the curb. NTA."

Another user, Desert_Sea_4998, advised her to be prepared. "Jumping on the top comment to say: Immediately tell the hospital husband DOES NOT have the right to leave with the baby. Get MIL [mother-in-law] and husband removed from visitors list. I also like the comment below advising you to get medical staff to document his behavior in writing. You may need that."

And BellaStellina said: "I don't know if this is the same, but when I gave birth they had a nurse basically sit down with me and ask if I was in a healthy relationship. Don't beat around the bush! Tell them about this and any other issues or concerns you have and they can help you and baby out!"

Some users couldn't understand the man's entitlement. Numbersthen0987431 wrote: "He went behind her back to call her own mother to say OP didn't want her in the delivery room, so 100% lied to her, and then tries to argue with her about it being 'both' of their decision (yet acts like it's his decision) and shouting at her while giving birth. Yikes. And what a monster."