Pregnant Woman Tries Swaddling With Her Cat With Hilarious Results

A pregnant woman has left the internet in stitches after she shared a photo of her swaddled cat on the messaging board Reddit.

Redditor u/Snicklefritz25 uploaded the adorable photo of her wrapped cat on December 20 with the caption: "Expecting a new baby. Practiced swaddling on my fur baby."

The photo showed a swaddled cat looking bewildered after being snuggly, and securely, wrapped in a garment and placed on a bed.

Since being uploaded onto the 30-million-member-strong r/aww subreddit, dedicated to all things cute, the post has been upvoted 62,700 times and attracted on more than 940 comments.

After being overwhelmed with a dose of cuteness, Reddit users raced to the comments where they declared the exercise had shown the poster was ready to take care of a newborn child.

One commenter said: "If you can swaddle a cat, you can swaddle a baby."

A second added: "I guess maybe that makes the baby seem easy by comparison."

But many commenters appeared concerned whether the cat would seek revenge after being used as a test subject.

One Reddit user posted: "Lay swaddled cat on floor. Begin to roll it to unravel swaddle, as cat is rolling, run."

Another commenter said: "I think of bigger concern is how to unswaddle the cat without it killing you as revenge in the process."

A third user countered: "Let's be real, the cat is only swaddled because it wants to be swaddled. I'm sure it can get out when it wants."

The parent-to-be later revealed the cat was only "wrapped up for maybe 45 seconds" before being carefully unwrapped and was "given enough treats to make it worth her while."

Cats have long dominated Reddit forums since the creation of the messaging board website, with users keen to share hilarious images of their pets.

Photos of two cats angrily staring at a man's dinner were met with an avalanche of upvotes and comments since it was posted on Monday.

The snaps showed two cats, one black and the other a mix of black and white, giving intense glaring looks, leading them to be compared to the "mob."

One user said: "Idk [I don't know] why but this makes me think of one of those old-time mob boss pics lol. Either way so cute."

Another joked: "Someone is getting murdered tonight. Probably just a mouse, but still."

A third said: "If your husband doesn't have life insurance... Now is the time to get some. Right now."

Stock image of swaddled cat
Stock image of swaddled cat. Reddit users were concerned about whether the cat would seek revenge on its owner. Ashley Magyar/Getty