Pregnant Woman Walks to Hospital While in Labor As Ambulance Costs $1,000

A woman in labor had to walk to hospital after her car broke down because she could not afford the ambulance fee.

In the video, shared to TikTok by Kelsie VanMeveren, known on the app as Kelskiller, we can see the heavily pregnant woman groaning in pain as she walks down a dark road.

She is being filmed by a man who is most likely the baby's father and in the caption of the clip, which has gone viral on the app with more than 5.8 million views, she explains that the man "forgot to put gas in" their car.

In footage that can be watched here the man can be heard asking the: "Babe what are we doing?"

VanMeveren then explains: "Well our car broke down about half a mile from the hospital, so we are walking because it costs $1000 to order an ambulance so I'm in labor just walking to the hospital. F**k it."

She then wails in pain before alluding to her water having broken by saying: "My legs are soaking wet. It's cold. How much further?"

VanMeveren also captioned the video with an angry-face emoji and the hashtags "#america #healthcaresystem #istrash #fml."

According to, if a person doesn't have health insurance traveling in an ambulance "ranges from less than $400 to $1,200 or more plus mileage."

In Colorado, where VanMeveren is based, the average fee is purportedly $607, but this could be significantly more depending on specifics.

The video has gained lots of traction online since it was posted on October 13, having attracted more than 1.2 million likes.

Additionally, more than 13,200 people have taken to the comments section to share their opinion on the situation.

One TikTok user, Memphis VLJC, wrote: "Son. I walked in labor, in the cold, uphill, 10 miles to bring you in to this world! You better act right. Or I'll take you out!"

Another person, Kayla, added: "Women are so strong."

DM commented on the father-to-be's actions, stating: "And the audacity to film it and be like "babe what are we doing right now"."

User9666133710276 opined: "Unreliable partners are so awesome."

Thorkellsey remarked: "That's a woman who's felt like she's a mother to her husband long before this. She doesn't even realize how awful it is. It's her normal and I'm sorry."

Madz typed: "Lol the healthcare system?? You're man couldn't put gas in the car, this is the problem."

However, Dana Sander Tattoo disagreed, writing: "Everyone talking about how they're at fault for not putting fuel in but not at the fact an ambulance is too expensive in the U.S."

Maia_gates shared: "I think it's horrible that an ambulance ride is $1,000 even when you're stranded and in labor!"

pregnant woman
A stock image of a pregnant woman. When a TikToker's car broke down she had to walk to hospital as she couldn't afford the ambulance fee. iStock