Perfectly Preserved Teen Bedroom Now a 'Time Capsule' of the Year 2000

If you cast your mind back to the early aughts, boy bands ruled the airwaves while pencil brows and low-rise jeans were all the fashion.

Most bedrooms were plastered in posters of our favorite artists, while stacks of CDs and VHS tapes filled every available shelf.

And that's exactly what one teenager's bedroom looks like, with the preserved décor a "time capsule" of the year 2000.

TikToker James Briley shared a clip to the social media platform, under @aloveb0t, as he gave viewers a tour of his sister-in-law's bedroom, thought to be called Melissa.

"My sister-in-law's bedroom is a time capsule... welcome to the year 2000," the on-screen text says. The video can be seen here.

The walls are lilac—a popular shade of the time—while there are Britney Spears, The O.C. and The Simple Life posters on the walls, along with numerous NSYNC photos.

A desk area has what's now an antique computer—with external speakers and a tower— while there's a chunky TV mounted on the wall, with VHS tapes scattered about.

Beanie babies, teen novels and photos in bejeweled frames are on the shelves, along with DVDs and CDs.

While it's clear Melissa's favorite band was NSYNC, judging by the amount of photos of the five-piece and the fact the video was set to their hit "Tearin' Up My Heart," it seems she was also into the Backstreet Boys, with a framed photo of what looks like Kevin Richardson seen in the clip.

People went wild for the video, posted in December 2021, in the comments, with many claiming it was a trip down memory lane.

Shedika raved: "This is so nostalgic, I'm obsessed!! Just imagine her last moments in this room in her early 20s!!"

Goldmember commented: "Take me back to my childhood pls."

Naomi said: "Nothing compares to a VHS tape with that TV."

That Sad Beige Lady pointed out: "This is a more immersive experience than any actual museum."

While M Cox pointed out: "Not the Olsen Twins VHS collection!!"

"What's the Air BNB starting price?" Kate Steinberg wrote.

Ramona Jones asked: "How did we all have the exact same shade of purple paint."

Lucy Jordan wrote: "This was basically my room!"

Harry Elstone joked: "I think my childhood just threw up on me."

Briley tagged a woman in his post, thought to be the owner of the room, who shared her own video showing the interior "prior to the 2004ish makeover," which can be seen here.

On her TikTok page, @mfowler918, Melissa responded to comments, saying: "I'm probably exactly how you'd expect. I'm a mom of four who drives a mini van and takes my kids to watch '90/2000s TV and movies."

And she seemingly explained how her room stayed a shrine to the 2000s, saying: "Went to college out of state, moved to an apartment from housing end of junior year, met my husband and never went back."

Newsweek reached out to Briley and Melissa for comment.

It's widely noted there has been a resurgence of the 1990s and 2000s themes and fashions in today's popular culture.

That was evident by the recent Super Bowl halftime show, which saw the Los Angeles Rams defeat the Cincinnati Bengals, hailed as a tribute to millennial nostalgia.

The star-studded line up at the Super Bowl LVI in February included Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent and Kendrick Lamar.

It featured a set-list dripping with nostalgic records, with eight tracks more than two decades old, with one, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg's hit, "California Love," dating back to 1995.

NSYNC poster and file photo of bedroom.
A fan holds up an NSYNC poster at one of their concerts in 200, and file photo of bedroom. A teen's perfectly preserved bedroom has gone viral as a "time capsule" to the noughties. Chris Hondros / bowie15/Getty Images