#PresidentWarren Trends As Supporters Flood Social Media Ahead of Nevada Caucus

The hashtag #PresidentWarren was trending on Twitter in the United States on Tuesday morning as supporters of Elizabeth Warren flooded social media with the phrase amid the primary candidate's polling decline.

As the Massachusetts senator was on the campaign stump in Nevada ahead of the state's Democratic caucus on Saturday, the candidate's backers buoyed her by getting #PresidentWarren to sixth place in the U.S. Twitter trending charts.

At the time of writing, the social media platform records that 137,000 tweets have used the hashtag declaring support for the former Democratic primary frontrunner.

Using the hashtag, New Mexico Rep. Debra Haaland tweeted: "This November we're bringing BIG STRUCTURAL CHANGE to the White House when we make @ewarren #PresidentWarren."

The "Mrs. Doubtfire" star Sally Field also showed support for Sen. Warren, tweeting: "I'm so excited for #PresidentWarren."

Elizabeth Warren supports in Nevada
Supporters listen as Elizabeth Warren speaks during a campaign town hall event at the College of Southern Nevada Student Union February 17, 2020 in Henderson, Nevada. Alex Wong/Getty Images

"I've written in the NYT that my husband consults for Warren, which is why I don't write more about my love for her," the New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg wrote. "One reason we both believe in her is because the CFBP was there when our bank screwed us. #PresidentWarren."

The screenwriter Elizabeth Hannah also posted: "Regardless of the narrative being told, #PresidentWarren can be a reality. I'm all in on @ewarren."

"#PresidentWarren is trending because despite her being 3rd in delegates, 3rd in most national polls and 2nd in endorsements, the media acts as if she doesn't exist," filmmaker Adam Best said.

"So her supporters are dealing with this blackout by making sure voters know she's still here and still kicking a**."

Sen. Warren looked to have a strong chance of picking up the Democratic nomination in October, when the Real Clear Politics national primary polling average had her and then-front-runner former Vice President Joe Biden neck-and-neck with around 26 percent of support among party voters.

But her fortunes have since declined, with FiveThiryEight's average of primary polling putting her in fourth place behind ex-New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who has begun climbing the polls.

Warren's average projected support among party voters also stands at 11 percent, meaning it has roughly halved since October last year.

Heading into the Nevada caucus later this week, the Massachusetts senator is third in the Real Clear Politics' average of Nevada polling, with a projected 13 percent of the state's Democrats supporting her.

In a tour of the state this week reported by Las Vegas Review-Journal, Warren has appeared at a union building in Las Vegas and rallied at a college campus in Henderson.

At her Henderson rally broadcast by PBS NewsHour on YouTube, Warren said: "2020 is the moment in history that we have been called to. The moment that will determine not the next four years, not the next eight years, but generations to come."

"2020 is our moment to choose hope over fear. Our moment to show courage. Our moment to dream big, fight hard and win."