Presidential Candidate Kirsten Gillibrand Calls Trump 'Weak' and a 'Coward'

New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, one of many Democrats who have declared they will run for president in 2020, didn't waste time attacking President Donald Trump during her televised town hall Tuesday night.

She called President Trump "weak" and "a coward." She said "Americans deserve a president who's brave. It's time to put a leader back in the White House."

Gillibrand was speaking before a CNN town hall Tuesday, and she used rhetoric seen from many of the Democratic contenders so far: curb gun violence, support the Green New Deal, stand up to special interests "that control everything in Washington," Medicare for all and a transformation of immigration policies.

Gillibrand started the town hall by speaking mandarin Chinese, and then answered questions from the audience that CNN described as "Democratic" and "Independent" voters.

"We've never, at least in our best moments, have not been afraid of immigrants," she told one Texan when he asked Gillibrand about her immigration record. "I think what President [Donald] Trump's doing is outrageous. I think when he divides children and their parents at the border, it's not only inhumane, it's contrary to who we are as a country. As President of the United States, I would work not only to pass comprehensive immigration reform, but I would change entirely what we do at the border."

Gillibrand said she's previously had different views—like Americans should speak English and needing tougher immigration laws—when she represented a single district in northern New York. But those views have changed in the last decade while serving in the U.S. Senate and "representing a whole state," she said.

She said now she represents "red, purple and blue" districts, and "I believe it's why I can bring this country together." She followed with a tweet:

"I'm the right candidate to take on President Trump because I can bring people together. I have and I can win red, purple, and blue districts. We need a president who will fix what's broken in this country—that's why I'm running."

Gillibrand went on to call Trump a racist and anti-Semitic, and who's "divided the country" by "tearing apart our soul as a nation."

"You need someone who's going to be brave enough to bring this country together," Gillibrand said. "Brave enough to take on all the challenges that divide us."

When a student asked Gillibrand why she held a rally outside Trump Tower, Gillibrand said she wanted to announce her candidacy "in front of Trump International." She went on to bash Trump, calling him one of the "most cowardly, demeaning presidents that we've ever had."

Gillibrand followed her town Hall with a series of tweets Tuesday night that shadowed what she said during the CNN segment.