Prince Harry: The Best Photos From Every Year of His Life

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Prince Harry: The Best Photos From Every Year of His Life Getty Image/Reuters

What a year it's been for Prince Harry. In May, he finally married Meghan Markle, and the world seems more obsessed with him than ever before. Since his big day, we've watched him attend Royal Ascot, speculated over his views on Donald Trump and guessed where the couple will go on their honeymoon.

Luckily, Harry is used to life under the microscope. Ever since he was born in 1984, he and his brother William have drawn the interest of the public around the world.

We got to know him through his mother's then-unheard of desire to give her sons a full range of experiences outside the royal bubble. As children, the boys were photographed at Disney World and homeless shelters alike, as part of Diana's attempt to expose them to the real world.

Even after Diana's death in 1997, Harry was just as curious about exploring the world. After he finished school, he took a gap year in Australia, working as his father had done at a cattle station. He also worked with orphaned children in Lesotho.

His international travel didn't end there—he joined the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 2005 and was secretly deployed to Afghanistan in 2007, returning as a pilot in 2012. Aside from traveling with the military, numerous state visits have taken him from New Zealand to Belize.

But in contrast to his strict military training and the formalities of his Royal engagements, it was his reputation as a wild child that drew the most frenzied speculation about the young prince. His public troubles began when he was photographed drinking underage and smoking cannabis at 17.

At 20, he hit the tabloid front pages again when he was photographed at a "colonial and native" fancy dress party in a swastika armband. Then, in 2012, he was photographed naked in a Las Vegas hotel room during a game of strip billiards.

It's been years since his latest scandal, and it seems like the rebel prince has finally settled down for good. We've collected the best images from every year of his life, to tell the story and track the achievements of the man who is sixth in line to the British throne.

1 1984 GettyImages-829822086
1984: Three-month-old Prince Henry of Wales, the youngest son of the Prince and Princess of Wales, after his christening in St George's Chapel, Windsor on December 21, 1984. PA images via Getty Images
1984 GettyImages-185033573
1984: Surrounded by Royal relatives and godparents, who are amused at the antics of young Prince William, Prince Harry is christened at Windsor Castle in Windsor. Anwar Hussein/Getty Images
1985 06 15 RTXUPDM
1985: Prince William makes a royal salute as he watches the scene of Trooping the Colour from the balcony of Buckingham Palace with his brother Harry and mother Princess Diana in London on June 15, 1985. Reuters/Roy Letkey/Files
1985 GettyImages-750862285
1985: Harry on a rocking horse in the playroom at Kensington Palace, London, October 22, 1985. Tim Graham/Getty Images
1986 GettyImages-79732837
1986: Prince Charles and Diana at home in Kensington Palace with William and Harry. Tim Graham/Getty Images
1986: Princess Diana holds Harry as he waves to the crowd from the balcony at Buckingham Palace as they watch the Trooping of the Colour ceremony on June 14, 1986. Reuters
1987 08 RTR1JWTN
1987: Princess Diana holds William, 6, and Harry, 3 on August 9, 1987 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Reuters/Hugh Peralta
1987 09 RTR1JW1M
1987: Three-year-old Harry looks through a pair of toy binoculars he made on his first day at kindergarten on September 16, 1987. Reuters/Rob Taggart