Princess Diana Found Prince William 'Crying' Over Her Affair: 'What Have I Done to My Children?'

Princess Diana asked "What have I done to my children?" after her TV admission of an affair left Prince William in tears, a new royal book claims.

Diana admitted in a 1995 BBC interview that she had a relationship with James Hewitt behind husband Prince Charles' back.

The secret romance came after the Prince of Wales maintained a long term affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, who he later married.

Diana and Charles separated in 1992 after an era of feuds referred to in the British press as the "War of the Waleses."

Three years later, she sat down with journalist Martin Bashir and famously told a TV audience how there had been "three of us in this marriage."

However, she also admitted sleeping with army officer Hewitt, which historian Robert Lacey says left her older son furious.

In Battle of Brothers, Lacey describes how Prince William and Prince Harry's emotional trauma, usually attributed to the tragedy of their mother's death, may also have roots in the collapse of their parents' marriage.

He writes: "In her November 1995 interview with Martin Bashir on BBC's Panorama, which he watched alone in his housemaster's study, she talked of 'three of us in this marriage.'

"But it was his mother's candid admission that there had come to be four in the marriage—that she'd fallen in love with James Hewitt—which tipped the teenager over the edge.

"Diana spoke of 'betrayal,' and that was exactly what William felt.

"Their mother had clearly seen how upset both her sons had been when Charles had confessed his intimacy with Camilla on TV the previous year.

"Yet here she was, doing the very same thing.

"When William's housemaster returned to his study, he found the prince slumped on the sofa, his eyes red with tears.

"And when Diana telephoned an hour later, William refused to speak to her."

Princess Diana with Prince Harry, Prince William
Princess Diana riding in a traditional sleigh with Prince William and Prince Harry during a skiing holiday in Lech, Austria, March 30, 1993. Jayne Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty

Lacey describes how William and Harry used to call Hewitt "Uncle James" and built fond memories riding on horseback with him or travelling with him and their mother on holidays in Devon, Sout West England.

He says Princess Diana told her spiritual healer Simone Simmons how William had been angry with her.

Quoted in the book, Simmons said: "All hell broke loose. He was furious…that she had spoken badly of his father, that she had mentioned Hewitt.

"He started shouting and crying and, when she tried to put her arms around him, he shoved her away."

Lacey adds: "'What have I done?' Diana kept asking Simone, as though she finally realised the pain and long-term emotional damage her bitter public feuding had inflicted on her sons.

"'What have I done to my children?'"