'Project A' from Riot Games: Possible Reveal Date & What 'Valorant' Leaks Tell Us

Riot Games Project A has been shrouded in an air of mystery since it was first revealed on the Riot Games 10th anniversary stream in October. Since then, players have had just one clip to watch and judge, dissecting what could be the next big shooter franchise to enter the free-to-play arena. Over the past few weeks, a series of details have leaked about the title, including its potential name, play style and characters.

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Sage's potential abilities leaked for Valorant or Project A Twitter/Tensa_The_Sage

Here's everything we know about Project A, also known as Valorant.


Project A could be called Valorant according to a few pieces of information and leaks recently surfaced by internet sleuths. Riot Games registered the trademark for Valorant, as well as the domain name for PlayValorant.com, which is still inactive. There's also a PlayValorant Twitter account that was created in February that has no new information on it other than a cryptic profile picture with the number 2.

Some leaked images have made the rounds on Twitter, including one of a character named Sage. Pro Overwatch player Tensa also tweeted an image that claims to list Sage's abilities, but none of his details have been confirmed.

Most parts of this #ProjectA screenshot have been shared on various pages, here is the the full image in the highest resolution we could find!
L: Three character names [Brimstone; Sage; Viper], type [support; defense; offense?]
B: Chat and avatars
R: Sage‘s ability descriptions pic.twitter.com/3B24nEZQCC

— ValorantTheGame - #ProjectA News & Leaks (@ValorantTheGame) February 27, 2020

There is a Mercy/Moira in Project A. pic.twitter.com/rhKfD3t6zh

— Tensa (@Tensa_The_Sage) February 27, 2020

Valorant makes sense in the lore of Runeterra. Though Riot has said that Project A will be set in the far-future, that doesn't mean it can't have any ties to League of Legends. Valoran is the northern continent of Runeterra, containing most of the classic homelands like Noxus, the Frejlord, Piltover, Zaun and Demacia. Taking the fantasy-lore aesthetic of those famous locals and slapping on a few hundred years of technological advancements allows Riot to keep its games connected without having to use the same characters.

Valorant/Project A Reactions

A select group of professional FPS gamers were allowed a chance inside Riot Games to test out Project A/Valorant. After the embargo period ended, attendees posted their reactions to the game on Twitter. Many suggested it played closer to Counter-Strike than Overwatch, with precision aim and gunplay being aided by hero abilities.

Hello! Strap yourself in. I had the chance to spend a day playing #ProjectA at Riot EU. Today, I'm allowed to share some of my initial thoughts and impressions. Please bear with me, I can't go into too much detail about the specifics of a lot of the gameplay until a later date.

— C9 HenryG (@HenryGcsgo) February 11, 2020

a few weeks ago I was playing project a. I got an invitation to their company @riotgames in Dublin. Playing in one team with @izaklive @missrage @neo_fkubski @nookyyy
I have favorite character and I’m BEAST like @HenryGcsgo

— paszaBiceps (@paszaBiceps) February 11, 2020

So I can finally share the news that I was recently invited by @RiotGames to come to Dublin and playtest, and give feedback, on the much anticipated #ProjectA. Here are my first impressions 🤘 (THREAD) pic.twitter.com/zFVBWh7JI7

— Joel (@Orb) February 12, 2020

Valorant/Project A Release Date?

The release date for Riot Game's first shooter hasn't been revealed yet. Leaks suggest there may be some sort of reveal on March 2, but that also has not been confirmed. Project Lead Riot Ziegler has remained silent on what we can expect from his team's project, but he hasn't been afraid to show a sense of humor about all this leaked information.

Leak: Project A has guns.

— Ziegler (@RiotZiegler) February 28, 2020

We will update this story with any Project A/Valorant details.