Property Brothers Reveal Two Colors You Should Never Paint Your House: Here's Why

Trends and leading colors come and go, especially when it comes to home design. There are likely few interior designers who would suggest a pit sofa and a room of orange, shag carpet in 2019, but that doesn't mean the 70s style doesn't exist in some homes today. Drew and Jonathan Scott, better known as the Property Brothers, revealed two paint colors that have no place in a home in 2019, with good reason.

The color revelation was a talking point on the pair's "Condo Dreams" episode, which showed the brothers helping to flip an apartment for future sale. This means they redesign in aim to bring a higher value to the property so, though money is spent on renovations, the profit from selling the home is higher.

Property Bros
The Property Brothers Drew Scott (L) and Jonathan Scott attend the HGTV Lodge at CMA Music Fest on June 9, 2018, in Nashville, Tennessee. Getty/Jason Davis/Getty Images for HGTV

In looking over the home, the Property Brothers called out a yellow wall and revealed yellow just doesn't sell. It's hand in hand with red. The pair suggested staying away from the bright, primary colors in today's design world.

Modern trends in home design seem to lead toward minimal and clean lines. White, gray and classic or grey-toned hardwood floors are some of the leading choices. It's no wonder today's buying crowd doesn't settle for brighter colors.

There's more to avoiding red and yellow than just taste, though. Color Psychology can play a giant role in the way a person feels in their home or any other environment. Red and Yellow are commonly used in marketing food products, because they're energetic, and can also influence hunger. In a home, though, hunger aside, the colors are bold and loud, which can promote energy rather than rest. It's one reason people seem to have transitioned into neutral, non-promoting colors in home design.

Red encourages action, according to Oberlo's analysis of color psychology. It does not encourage relaxation. Yellow can be bright and cheerful, but can also be considered a warning. Psychologically, the negative or abrupt connotations surrounding each color may play into why the colors don't sell.

The Property Brothers claim these are poor paint colors to choose, but that doesn't mean the colors should be avoided in design entirely. Both red and yellow make for a loud color statement and can be beneficial when used as a pop of color. This pop can be anything from a throw pillow to a couch, or other, large furniture item.