Proscenic M6 Pro Robot Vacuum Review

Proscenic M6 Pro Robot Vacuum
The M6 Pro is a Wi-Fi enabled home cleaning robot, which you can control with your smartphone. Alice Chase

Robots' cleaning our homes for us was once just something we saw in futuristic movies. Technology companies ran with that vision, took on the challenge and quickly made that future a reality. Proscenic is one company that successfully makes products to simplify our daily lifestyle. The Proscenic M6 Pro Robot Vacuum is one of their newest products and designed to do just that.

When Proscenic decided to develop the M6 Pro, they scoured the market to make their technology the perfect cleaning partner for today's living spaces. They found that homeowners and apartment dwellers wanted a robot vacuum that could both vacuum and mop. They also wanted a vacuum that could rival their own home vacuums.

I've been reviewing the M6 Pro since its arrival, and I've had plenty of time to see how Proscenic's system works, evaluate its design, as well as test out what this machine can and can't do.

Features and Specs

Proscenic M6 Pro's advertised features and specs:

• Battery: Li-ion 3200 mAh
• Motor: Japan Nidec brushless motor
• Super suction: maximum 2600 Pa
• Working time: 70 to 120 minutes
• Controller type: app control, voice control
• Electric water tank
• Real-time maps memory
• Laser sensors

Smooth Design

Before we talk about the design, know that the Proscenic M6 Pro will come with everything you'll need already in the box. This includes the M6 broom attachment, a remote control with batteries, two side brushes, an extra HEPA filter, a wiping attachment, a mop and a dustbin.

When it comes to the design, Proscenic M6 Pro is round and measures about 13.75 inches in diameter and 3.75 inches high. It has a wide array of sensors, including drop detection, a wall sensor, a vibration sensor and a tilt sensor. The navigation is powered by IPNAS 3.0 real-time maps memory. According to Proscenic, "It is an upgraded laser navigation system that scans and maps your house in all degrees intelligently. It is also a smart dust collection system, which automatically disposes dust from the dustbin."

As for space management, the design of this unit doesn't take up much space for it to be stored when not in use. You can place the dock under a table, and the M6 Pro will be out of sight, attached to its station until the time you want to use it.

As someone who dislikes cords showing, I found the charging dock's design to be thoughtful, as well as the vacuum component itself. The charging dock allows the AC adapter cord to be adjusted to extend only the necessary length from the wall outlet.

Performance and Ease of Use

Setting up the vacuum is easy. All you need to do is download the Proscenic app and connect the M6 Pro to your home Wi-Fi. Once you've connected the M6, you're ready to develop the floor plan.

Setting up Wi-Fi with this product is as easy as it is to connect your mobile phone. The M6 app allows you to control the robot remotely, schedule cleaning times and days, review previous cleaning records, view or edit floor plan maps, create virtual barriers, adjust suction force and finally, switch between the vacuuming and mopping options.

You can also set silent mode hours in the settings menu, turn voice guidance on or off, view the memory map, reset the map and more. All the settings are self-explanatory. You won't find yourself spending hours on the internet searching how to activate a feature.

The only quick setup option available is to click on the start button. Once you press it and connect the robot vacuum to the Wi-Fi, you can see the M6 file building a map of your home inside the app. Its sensors move along your walls, scanning for objects placed throughout the rooms. The M6 does a good job building the floor plan. Once the plan is drawn, the robot can start the cleaning process.

If a room has not yet been mapped, the robot may find it difficult to clean it, especially if there are items that may block its path. However, once the M6 scans and maps the room, it easily cleans without bumping into objects—so it's worth the upfront time investment to allow it to map the room before getting started.

The advanced technology in this robot vacuum will have it return to its charging dock when the battery life is low. Once fully recharged, the vacuum will continue cleaning. The Proscenic M6 Pro is equipped with a 14.8-volt and 3200 mAh Li-ion battery, enabling it to clean continually for more than 110 minutes.


Overall, I was happy and even impressed with the capabilities of the Proscenic M6 Pro. I was surprised that the mop feature worked so well between wood and tiled floors. The transitions between carpet, tile and hardwood floors are very smooth. It did not get stuck on thicker carpets, either.

If you're someone like me, with limited time to clean, this robot can start cleaning even when you aren't there. You can schedule the cleaning time, and it will do the job on its own. It can reach under the furniture, as well. All parts of the house will be clean by the time you get home.

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