Prospect Backed for Refusing to Record 'Video Prompt' for Entry-Level Job

The internet has backed a person for declining to send a potential employer a "video prompt" for an entry-level position in a new viral post.

Published to Reddit's WorkReform forum, a user with a now-deleted account posted a screenshot of an offer they received from an employer. The post has over 21,000 upvotes and 700 comments.

"Applied for a entry level job, got emailed a bumch of Indeed assessments and how to 'interview'. So they got a response," the user wrote.

The job they applied for asked them to send a three to five-minute video using the prompt they provided. Before signing off, they warned they would not respond to everyone that applies and only certain people to whom they plan to move forward with.

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Job interview
The internet backs a Reddit user who refused to send a potential employer a "video prompt" for an entry-level position. shironosov/iStock / Getty Images Plus

In response, the previous Reddit user writes that they would decline their offer at the "one-sided" interview and the employer's intention to only respond to "potential candidates."

They write: "Beyond the fact a pre-recorded video not engaging with another human fails to accurately represent one's customer serviceability, I find that a lack of company contact or proper interviewing to be disrespectful to the time and energy a suitable candidate puts towards the process without your company doing the same."

"For future reference, candidates very much appreciate you putting forward the 10-15 minutes it takes to do a zoom call to speak with them in an interview rather than have them record videos and do assessments prior to ever speaking to a human being from your company," they concluded.

The Reddit user's post had the internet discussing "one-sided" interview flaws in the comment section.

"An interview is a two-way street. If they are going to be so unfair from the start, f**k them," u/JamesWjRose stated.

"I'm a manager that regularly conducts interviews and a video is not going to tell me s**t. I love questions during an interview - that shows me the candidate is engaged and interested. A 15 minute conversation with a person affords both of us a chance to interview each other," u/Hovie1 said.

"That's a lot more eloquent than I would've been. I probably would've just replied with 'Please send me a 3-5 minute video detailing why I should work for you,'" u/SirPryceMF exclaimed.

U/gankalf1991 replied to the comment above, "'Also, if i'm not interested i will just ghost you.'"

"I hate those video things and assessments. A company in my somewhat niche part of my industry uses them and I just won't do it. I've been doing what I do and doing it well for 15+ years now, that company would be lucky to have me, and no I'm not talking to my phone screen like an idiot to myself," u/SayGjetost explained.

"I hate this trend in applying for jobs, I refuse to take any assessment before an interview. My resume is my qualifications, I don't have 10-15-20-30 odd minutes a day to take a random test for a job that I haven't even been seriously considered for," u/sliceoheaven said.