Protesters Taunt Police With Doughnuts Outside Pence Megachurch Event

Dozens of Pride and Black Lives Matter protesters met outside the First Baptist Dallas church where several demonstrators taunted police officers with doughnuts on a string.

Vice President Mike Pence spoke to members of the megachurch in Dallas Sunday morning on the first stop of what was supposed to be a multi-state campaign effort. But a spike in coronavirus cases in Texas, Florida and Arizona caused Pence to cancel this week's planned campaign stops. However, he did attend Pastor Robert Jeffress' service at First Baptist Dallas.

Protesters carrying signs in support of gay rights and Black Lives Matter peacefully stood behind barricades set up by police who guarded the church both on foot and on horseback.

Video recorded outside First Baptist Dallas by local journalist Trace Miller showed several protesters holding doughnuts on a string in order to taunt the 20 or so officers on hand for the event.

Officers did not appear to react in any way to the doughnut gimmick, and the Dallas Police Department declined to respond to the incident to Newsweek Sunday afternoon.

Peaceful protestors tempt @DallasPD officers, stationed outside the church where Pence is currently speaking, with doughnuts.

— Expatriation 2024 (@w_tres_mil) June 28, 2020

"Simply voicing your opinion about a community that is under attack is not political," a protest leader can be heard telling police and demonstrators outside the church through a PA system.

The Dallas Police Department notified members of the news media via Twitter Sunday morning that their staging area would be adjacent to the protesters at the intersection of San Jacinto and Akard Streets.

Pence traveled to Dallas this weekend to attend the annual "Celebrate Freedom Rally" at First Baptist Dallas, which has hundreds of members. The vice president is scheduled to meet with Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott Sunday evening, but called off events later this week in other states that were also hit hard by skyrocketing coronavirus cases, including Florida and Arizona.

The vice president was previously scheduled to attend a "Faith in America" campaign rally Tuesday in Tucson before a planned meeting with Arizona Republican Governor Doug Ducey in Yuma later that day, the Associated Press reported Friday. He was then set to meet with local GOP leaders in Florida Thursday. Those events have also been called off due to rising COVID-19 concerns.

Photographs and video taken inside First Baptist Dallas showed dozens of attendees waving American flags and cheering on the vice president, who spoke to the congregation for about 30 minutes. Jeffress, an outspoken advocate of the president, led the ceremony and introduced Pence.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary (HUD) Ben Carson also spoke at the event in Dallas.

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Dallas protesters outside First Baptist Dallas where Vice President Mike Pence was speaking Sunday held doughnuts in front of officers to taunt them. Screenshot: Trace Miller | Twitter