Multiple Proud Boys Stabbed in Washington, D.C. Knife Attack

Members of the far-right Proud Boys groups have been injured in a knife attack in Washington, D.C., according to reports.

One of the victims is alleged to be Enrique Tarrio, chairman of the group. Activist Bevelyn Beatty is also said to have been stabbed.

The DC Police Department has confirmed that a stabbing took place on the 700 block of 14th Street Northwest. According to Fox 5's David Lee Matthews and NBC's Tom Lynch, the four victims (three men and one woman) were all members of the Proud Boys.

The victims are being treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Police said they are looking for three suspects: two Black males wearing all-black clothing and a Black female wearing black sweatpants with white stripes, orange leggings and a dark gray coat armed with a knife.

Footage allegedly showing an altercation that led to the stabbing has been posted on social media. Clips have also been posted to channels connected to the Proud Boys on encrypted messaging app Telegram.

"We were helping some guy that was getting stabbed by two Black males and one female. Bevelyn got stabbed as well as two Proud Boys and the guy they were attacking. I got slashed, but it's not serious. We were walking to our cars," Tarrio told far-right website Gateway Pundit.

Proud Boys supporters were seen earlier in the night drinking at Harry's Bar on 11th Street, a short distance from the White House.

Elsewhere, hundreds of supporters of Donald Trump and Joe Biden, as well as Black Lives Matter demonstrators and left-wing protesters, gathered on the streets of Washington as results came in.

Although the opposing rallies were largely peaceful, at least three people were arrested in clashes. One person was arrested at 16th and K streets NW for disorderly conduct and then resisting arrest, while two others were arrested at 16th and I streets NW for assault.

One man who responded to protesters' calls of "Black lives matter" with phrases including such as "all lives matter" and "white lives matter" was allegedly hit with a bat.

Enrique Tarrio
Enrique Tarrio, a leader of the Proud Boys, attends a Proud Boys rally on September 26, 2020 in Delta Park, on the northern edge of Portland, Oregon. Tarrio is reported to have bene slashed with a knife during an altercation in Washington. Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis/Getty