PS+ Free Games For June 2018 Include 'XCOM 2' and Others

Sony has just revealed the free games coming to PS+ subscribers for June 2018. If you like strategy games, you're in for a treat. If not, get ready for a bit of a slow month. As always, there are two PS4 games, two PS3 games and two PS Vita games being offered to subscribers. Let's dive in and see what's coming.

Free PS4 Games for June 2018

The first free PS4 game in June is XCOM 2. Taking place 20 years after the events of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, aliens have occupied Earth and forced the XCOM organization to act as more of a resistance group than an official organization. This strategy game pushes players to the limit with punishing difficulty, permadeath and more. If you want a game you can sink dozens of hours into, this one's for you.

The second PS4 game PS+ subscribers get for free in June is Trials Fusion. Trials Fusion is a racing/platforming game where people must complete obstacle courses on a motocross bike. This is on the opposite end of the casual vs hardcore spectrum from XCOM 2, with small platforming levels to complete instead of a massive campaign.

Free PS3 Games for June 2018

The first game for PS3 gamers in June is Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Set in Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia and Norway, this futuristic take on the Ghost Recon franchise features adaptive camouflage, drones and the occasional big robot. The main campaign is fully co-op, so grab a buddy and have fun.

Zombie Driver is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Players control a car in the zombie apocalypse and must kill as many zombies as possible. Run them down with your vehicle, upgrade your car with guns and even roast zombies with a massive stream of fire in this top-down racing/action game.

Free PS Vita Games for June 2018

Atomic Ninjas is the first PS Vita offering for June 2018. This arena brawler features both online and local multiplayer, a number of different ninja characters to control and six different weapons and gadgets to eliminate the competition.

The final free game for PS+ subscribers in June is the addictive puzzle game Squares. The concept is simple: Turn all the blue squares grey. Like any good puzzle game, that is much easier said than done. There are 91 levels in Squares along with a level editor to create your own puzzles.

So what do you think? Are you excited to play any of the games included in June 2018's PS+ subscription? What game do you hope is included in next month's offerings? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.