PS Now Adds Downloads For Offline Play

Game streaming service PlayStation Now just added downloads, allowing subscribers to play games on the service while offline. This information comes from a post on the PlayStation Blog. The ability to download games from PS Now is currently only available for some subscribers, but the feature will roll out to everyone within the next couple of days.

The blog post says that "almost" every PS4 game offered on the service is downloadable, but Sony didn't confirm which specific games wouldn't allow downloads. PS2 games included as a part of PS Now will also feature the download option. Subscribers with PS4 Pro consoles can also take full advantage of the graphic upgrades included in any PS4 Pro-enhanced games on the PS Now service.

All purchased DLC or other add-ons for any downloaded game will be included in the download, and it is possible to transfer over save files from any games you've already started while streaming with PS Now. To transfer saves, you'll need an active PS+ subscription. For more information on save transfers, check out this page on the PlayStation support site.

Unfortunately, this doesn't mean you can load up a PS4 hard drive with all the games you want, take it offline and play forever. Your PS Now account will still need to be connected to the internet "every few days" to verify your account is still active.

This feature rolls out right before Sony ends its promotional pricing period for PS Now. From now until Sept. 25, new subscribers can get one month of service for $9.99 or a year for $99.99. PS+ subscribers also have access to a three-month subscription for $29.99. This is discounted from its normal price of $44.99.

So what do you think? Are you excited to play any games on PS Now while offline? Will this feature get you to subscribe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.